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nhz0xs32 09-29-2012 04:35 PM

Monsoon XTR Needs new shoes!
Need to clutch shoes for my .28 4.57 nitro engine on my monsoon XTR truggy. Shoes are worn to a complete circle, dont see any springs broken though. What would a good set of shoes to replace them with? Right now is the plastic 3 shoe clutch. Not looking to spend $$$$$$$$$$$$, but willing to spend more than 15.99, to get away from the stock plastic ones. Whats a good set to go with, Not a racer, just do lots of bashing in my spare time! Also Ineed to have the clutch shoe tool to remove and replace the shoes, correct?

Dads like rc too 09-30-2012 05:03 AM

RE: Monsoon XTR Needs new shoes!
You won't need any special tool to remove the clutch shoes. I'd stick with the plastic shoes unless your trying to have less engagement off the line. The metal ones depending on the type can offer some slip at lower rpm's if your trying to leave the line at a higher rpm. For bashing around, the plastic ones work fine. These type of parts are designed to wear, just like the brake disc. Just part of the hobby.

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