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kronos31 12-19-2012 04:29 PM

upgrade for vortex ss
Hi to all. I write here cause i would like to know what uprade you has made to the redcat vortex ss. I put to mine a hpi nitro star t3 engine and now is a lot faster now. So please share yor experience with me.

ou2mame 12-27-2012 12:48 AM

RE: upgrade for vortex ss
well, i tried the tires/wheels off the traxxas slayer, but they had too much grab for their height on concrete so the truck went flipping a lot. i ended up using shoe goo and fiberglass to reenforce the shell, which made a big difference with it when it did flip because it didn't break anything else. i ended up using the buggy wheels off of a shockwave/tornado for a while which gave it some more acceleration, and it could powerslide in turns, but it just handled really sloppy. ended up with the traxxas anaconda tires on 2.2" rims.

lower the truck, better shocks, mine now has prolines on it and it handles so much better. led lights can't hurt if you want to use it at night, a better air filter.. i went with the rs4 2 stage, but you could also go with an offroad filter off the hpi mt2 as well. fuel line, fuel filter, inline fuel primer just make it easier... hpi dogbones fit if you bring the wheels out a little bit at the ball joints, hpi rear shaft fits as well, we had one that kept breaking... zippo spring in the 2 speed clutch, hump battery pack, epoxy on the servo saver because it kept coming lose, rpm bumper off the rustler for the front helps a lot if you're knocking it into things and replacing the front bumper mounts.<br type="_moz" />

kronos31 12-28-2012 07:01 AM

RE: upgrade for vortex ss
like already write i put in mine hpi nitro star t3 engine and use the two stage air filter the tires and wheels are from a assosiated sc10 4x4 i have to take the shocks to its lower posicition so this wont flip in high velocity turns.

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