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Johnathond22 02-27-2013 02:01 AM

Epx Pro Pede shaft upgrade
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Due to constant drive train trouble I have been seeking a better solution for dogbone replacement for some time now, I have custom made several items including grade 8 axles which only led to wear and tear on c cups. The most recent mod I can call a success is the adapting of the EPX Pro to accept Traxxas Stampede drive shafts. It requires the metal oil bearings from redcat and two of the outer bearings that are common used on this model. The hexs will also have to be replaced with those made for the S30 Nitro Volcano. The only part that is custom made is the diff output shaft that needs to be round to accept the inside drive shaft adapter. I have included a few pics and will update this post with the end results of performance. If anyone has successfully adapted a solution for drive train on the EPX that provides longer lasting results than dogbones please share as I am willing to try anything to be able to bash all day without camping out by the toolbox :)

As a stock truck the EPx pro was an excellent starter and since I changed my tires and changed my pinion to 17t with 30c Lipos it has been hard to keep the wheels pulling. I'm just posting this for a Redcat fans that just wish we had a little bit more options.<br type="_moz" />

Johnathond22 03-04-2013 11:09 AM

RE: Epx Pro Pede shaft upgrade
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Modifying the Redcat EpxPro to have universal driveshafts was successful. The attached photo is the drive shafts installed on my EpXpro. Overall performance was excellent. Minor part repalcements are needed to make this happen but seem to be well worth the change. I did this without any custom parts so it can easily be done to any redcat epx model at this point.

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nitrosportsandrunner 03-04-2013 11:38 AM

RE: Epx Pro Pede shaft upgrade
if I follow, you were able to put a standard traxxas ball bearing inside the bronze bushing that is inside the hub? That allowed for fitment of the traxxas stub axle.
and you had to use the S30 hex as the traxxas stub has a thicker diameter after the treaded part, right?

still not clear on how you got the traxxas output on the output of the diff, but I will look at my tornado later and figure it out.

This also lends itself to further mods. there are ways to make traxxas slider shafts stronger. And you can cut the slider to fit the lightnings as well.

Nice work man.

Johnathond22 03-04-2013 12:05 PM

RE: Epx Pro Pede shaft upgrade
Well, brief overview.
Parts needed:
Redcat 02079 brass oil bearing
Redcat 08065 s30 hex
Redcat (or equivilent) 5x10x4 bearing(will fit inside of oil brass)

Traxxas TRA6882 (only need the two spiders with drive output)(other two will be discarded)
Traxxas 1953 shafts
Traxxas 2753 stubs
Traxxas 4628 diff adapt

The redcat outer bearing will fit inside the brass bushing for the inside of the hubs. The diff will need to be disassembled and replace the output spiders with new traxxas ones(Keep original spiders on slide pins, they mesh pefectly). It is a little tight but after a little use works great. This allows the new driveshafts to connect to redcat diff. The traxxas drive shafts need to be shortened just a little (1/8-1/4)"didn't measure, just eyeballed!"Once assembled the new axle stub is a good bit longer and just needs to be filed enough to generate a flat spot on the shaft. The redcat s30 hex can then be mounted with set screws, it eliminated the stress of hex pin. FYI, you will need all rear traxxas shafts for 4x4 full install. The Stampede has different for front. So for this custom mod, use all rear. For 2wd, just get full set of stampede 2wd front and rear and the front stubs are just axles. When the hex is applied it widens the stance of the EPX and handles great.

And yes you are right, this opens up large windows of opportunity for upgrades, they actually have true steel cvds that can be used.

"You know you had fun when you bring your RC home in a Walmart bag!"

PetRock 03-04-2013 05:57 PM

RE: Epx Pro Pede shaft upgrade
Johnathond22, this info is gold!

Seriously, there are so many companies selling this truck (HSP Brontosaurus) that if the word got out you could easily fit Traxxas parts on it to fix driveline issues... Redcat and NitroRCX would probably sell 1000 more the next day.

To make sure a lot of people see this, I suggest adding it to the Dynamite/Infinite review on UltimateRC. I know lots of people have that thread subscribed because they've bought the Exceed version, and the URCMonster Truck subforum would have even more people see it when your bump puts it back on the first page.

Johnathond22 03-04-2013 06:24 PM

RE: Epx Pro Pede shaft upgrade
Ok PetRock. Done. Made reply post, however it shows my post as new user has to be approved by moderator before it is posted. I guess we will see.

iamfoesho 04-17-2013 08:28 PM

RE: Epx Pro Pede shaft upgrade
I have the volcano s30 with hub carriers, will this mod work for me?

nitrosportsandrunner 04-18-2013 03:01 AM

RE: Epx Pro Pede shaft upgrade

ORIGINAL: iamfoesho

I have the volcano s30 with hub carriers, will this mod work for me?
its posssible, but wont know till you try. hubs are very different on the volcano s30. diff side will be the same tho...so the diff mod should work the same.

Johnathond22 05-02-2013 08:24 AM

RE: Epx Pro Pede shaft upgrade
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Hey guys, sorry for long delay in participation in the forum. I think the best answer to the question I can give is that the mod is really to the diff so any model should be possible. The only part you may need to study is replacement bearings on the hub side. Should be pretty simple. I have gotten several emails for support on this mod. I'll do my best to provide as much help as possible. I make so many mods to our RCs that I tend to forget each step. I no longer have my original setup above as I have modified my a-arms and many other parts at this point. I'll try to throw together a breakdown in the next response.

iamfoesho 05-28-2013 03:58 PM

RE: Epx Pro Pede shaft upgrade
Waiting on an update from you Johnathond22!

ajg596 10-11-2016 03:46 PM

Can't get the output into the diff

ajg596 10-12-2016 06:21 PM

Originally Posted by ajg596 (Post 12266604)
Can't get the output into the diff

Update: I did the mod successfully on the rear of my Volcano exp. I had to drill 1/4" through the existing output shaft holes to get it to fit. Just hooked it up, it moves fine. Waiting on the hex's to come in and then I'll be running it. Problem, these axles don't fit through the c hubs in the front. Anyone have a solution?

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