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strategy28 03-07-2013 08:52 AM

Volcano EPX motor and set up question
I am currently running a Traxxas XL-5 esc with Redcat stock 27T 540 motor and stock 64T Spur/ 17T Pinion on my Volcano EPX brushed model. I am considering changing the motor to a Trinity Speed Gems 15T 540 motor. I was told to change my pinon to a 13T with my stock Spur @ 64T. Is this a good set up for my application.

nitrosportsandrunner 03-07-2013 03:58 PM

RE: Volcano EPX motor and set up question
sounds about right.
You will certainly need to gear down with the higher RPM motor.
It will spin faster, but not have the same torque as the stock motor. Thus, gearing down allows the motor to get the truck moving and still attain a higher top speed.
And in many models, going 2 teeth below the Turn # of the motor works well.

But dont take anyone's word for it. Get a temp gun. If the motor gets above 160 then I would gear down.

If you are going to stick with brushed and try for more speed, then a heat sink and fan are good ideas.

It would cost about $80-$90 to go brushless. This would add power/speed without the need of messing with gearing.

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