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lobo_fl 04-15-2013 05:30 PM

Rockslide Super Crawler Batteries
I just ordered a Redcat Racing Rockslide Super Crawler and was curious if it supported more than just NIMH batteries.. Like a LiPo 5000MAH 2C battery for longer run times.. If not is there a suggested ESC out there to purchase to convert it to LiPos. Any help would be appreciated

nitrosportsandrunner 04-16-2013 07:14 AM

RE: Rockslide Super Crawler Batteries
you "can" but there is some risk of overheating the ESC. Also, the ESC has no low voltage detection, so if you dont notice the power dropping...you could overdrain your lipo.

I have done it on that ESC tho. I dont wanna recomend it, but it really should be fine. I know that a 7.2v 5000mah nimh wont cause any issue...so the extra runtime wont hurt it. The little extra voltage from the lipo shouldnt hurt the ESC either, tho the motors will run a bit warmer with the added power.

A great upgrade ESC that wont break the bank is the Outcry dual motor ESC from RC4wd. It also does not have LVD, but it can handle as much as 4s lipo! I run 3s lipo on mine (currently have a 1/8 MOA crawler on a custom 1/5 chassis with a redcat rampage body)
This ESC also has turbo bec, which gives the steering servos full 6 or 7volts. With stock ESC, the voltage to the servos is reduced when the motors are given power.
The ESC also has a fan for added cooling.
Best part, only $60. You wont find a dual motor ESC for less...certainly not one with those capabilities.

As mentioned, I have a custom 1/5 crawler running that ESC. It started as a exceed mad torque....handmade ladder chassis, 1/5 body and running 3s lipo for alittle more wheel speed. That esc doesnt even get warm running 3s on this heavy truck.


sgtace 11-28-2014 12:54 PM

Hello, Just got a Rockslide Super 1/8thscale, first RC, and it ran about 15 minutes around the woods (deep leaves, downed trees, and hills) before sputtering around with dead battery. No very impressed. Guessing the 2 motors and servos are eating the battery. Will the stock ESC take a dual 500mah NIMH battery setup? Thanks in advance. Still trying to learn, it is purely a fun truck, not comp, so not trying to spend a fortune in upgrades.

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