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jcjrogers 06-09-2013 10:24 AM

Caldera 10e exploded view and parts list
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Redcat doesn't have the Caldera 10e manual online so I made a couple of .pdf files, one for the exploded view drawing and one for the parts list. The exploded view isn't great resolution but you can read the parts numbers pretty easily when you zoom in. I don't have a large scanner so I had to join the two pages in Photoshop. Unfortunately, the smallest .pdf file I could get out of Photoshop was just under 30 MB. Therefore, I inserted the .jpg file into Word, which left me with a file size of less than 400 KB.

I like having drawings and parts lists on my computer so they are easy to reference when ordering parts or posting on message boards. My eyesight is getting worse in my old age. Even with my reading glasses, I would have a hard time reading the parts numbers on the exploded view drawing in the manual. The .pdf makes it easy, and I can open the both files, allowing me to view the drawing and parts listing at the same time. I figured I would post on here if anybody wants. If someone wants an exploded view with a little better resolution and can tell me how to create a 2 - 3 MB .pdf in Photoshop, I would be glad to re-do and re-post.

PetRock 06-09-2013 02:42 PM

RE: Caldera 10e exploded view and parts list
You can also look at the exploded views on the OEM site here. (Covers the Caldera truck and buggy).

I've downloaded the Caldera manuals before from Redcat, maybe they're only temporarily offline?

jcjrogers 06-10-2013 08:18 AM

RE: Caldera 10e exploded view and parts list
Good info. I searched all over, but couldn't find. Obviously, the OEM doesn't identify the names of the cars so I didn't pick up.

Also, I like having the .pdf files as they are easy to navigate and print if I want to. For me, it is easier to store files and find them than to store and find 'Favorites' links. The OEM also has parts drawings with numbers, which is useful. I'll definitely utilize those.

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