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rcenth 09-14-2013 11:07 AM

How fast is the Rampage MT PRO ?
how fast is the redcat rampage mt pro? I see it has the tuned exhaust so was wondering if it would give it more speed than the others or does it give it more torque?

Tc0mpy 11-03-2013 10:54 AM

With stock gearing setup and a tuned exhaust about 34 mph. The stock gears are more geared for torque.

nitrosportsandrunner 11-03-2013 06:58 PM

and just so you know, nearly all RTR gassers say they have a tuned pipe. But a aftermarket tuned pipe will nearly always increase power (either at the bottom, mid or top end, depending on design)
The MT pro is a heavy beast. I thought my KM Baja was awesome, until I drove it along side (or rather, far behind) a MT pro. when it comes to 1/5 scale, having 4wd and 4 wheel braking is a HUGE advantage. My KM might have had more top end, but the MT pro was better in every other respect.

Bulldogger 11-25-2013 08:01 PM

MT pro is a great truck but you don't really need all the aluminum parts. You can get a MT on ebay 629.00 shipped. Upgrade the servo mounts to aluminum, and the front chassis support to aluminum and that is really all you need. My truck has about 30 tanks through it has been pretty much unstoppable. A lot of people call it Chinese crap but it is easier to work on then my HPI 5t and just as reliable. swap out the throttle servo and program the Redcat radio to apply brake when signal is lost and you have a decent fail safe set-up right there.

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