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john01374 11-13-2013 08:55 PM

Ground pounder owners come on in.
Ground pounder owners. Lets discuss the truck designed by Crawford performance.

Ive owned a GP since it was first released. I bought mine about a month after it hit the website.

Overall it's been a pretty good truck. I did have a few minutes where I scratched my head and asked " what the hell were they thinking" and made some pretty significant changes that didn't actually cost me anything. Just changed what was there.

My early model also suffered from shocks that rubbed the chassis and didn't compress. I created a fix but ended up swapping them out.

Anyway. Ill go into more detail if this thread has a following.

Hey redcat. If you're reading this I'd be glad to share the changes I made to improve you product. It's a great truck but needs a few tweaks. I know it's gone through changes since mine but more are needed.

nitrosportsandrunner 11-14-2013 03:51 PM

did you go brushless? Ive seen some VXL powered GPs. A few upgrades are needed for the added power, but still pretty cool.

john01374 11-15-2013 08:08 PM

Originally Posted by nitrosportsandrunner (Post 11662660)
did you go brushless? Ive seen some VXL powered GPs. A few upgrades are needed for the added power, but still pretty cool.

I had a VXL in mine for about 10 mins. I destroyed the rear drive shaft twice in that time finally replacing it with one of the Axles shafts from a Stampede. It was great for about 3 mins until the rear gears destroyed themselves. After that I pulled the VXL and stuck an S-600 in it and run it on 2S. With a 26T pinion it's still runs around 18-20 mph and I haven't hurt the drivetrain again since.

My current problem is the Links. While the truck has been run pretty hard I didn't expect break 3 of the 4 links holding the front axle in place climbing a dirt pile. All 3 snapped the plastic end where the links meet the chassis. I have upgraded links on order from Crawford but their shipping takes forever so the trucks been down almost 3 weeks waiting for parts that showed "in stock". Oh well life goes on.

Mods to my truck so far are the S-600, Traxxas XL5 ESC. Locked out the rear steer and running a Tactic 2.4, 2 channel, Traxxas Revo 32P spur. Homemade additional chassis braces. Homemade trans brace. Moved the Battery to the under side of the tray. E-Maxx Shocks, Traxxas Stampede Slider shafts to replace the drive shafts, Emaxx Foam in the tires with air holes in the rims, Replaced the rear axle and diff with a locked diff and I cut off the upper "cab" portion of the chassis so the body could be lowered.

At this point I'm not really sure I can call the truck a Redcat as it's more Traxxas than anything else.

If the lower links ever arrive the truck should be almost bullet proof. I do have a set of Wraith axles and a locked VXL transmission sitting here should either of the stock parts give me a headache.

All this might sound like I'm complaining but I'mm really not. I've owned worse trucks that cost a whole lot more (Wheelie King) and we're nearly as much fun. The good news is used GP's can be found on Ebay for sometimes under $50 as people get tired of the relatively minor issues.

4redcs 12-30-2013 12:08 PM

Have had my Ground Pounder for about a month. It is a blast. 1.5 inches of snow was a real good time. I also have broken several plastic links. Usually when hitting something. I did break a rear diff housing while learning to back-flip it off of the fence...LOL. Not very expensive fix but a little time consuming. This leads to a question. Why aren't the top halves drilled out so the screw does not have to thread its way through both pieces? I did see a modded Ground Pounder on Ebay that had axle housing braces. Good idea! Maybe Redcat will eventually offer them as an upgrade. 4 wheel steer is nice at times also. All in all I love it. Considering making the rear axle steering stationary and using that circuit to power a winch on a custom wrecker bed. To be used to upright rolled vehicles on the backyard track of course!

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