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gescobar 12-25-2013 12:28 PM

Redcat Racing Carb issue - Fabric settings
Hi, I just bought a new Tornado S30 and I'm a newbie.
Following the instructions I started my Tornado s30 puling the cord, it started but it was stoping after I pulled the glow igniter off. Therefore, after reading some threads, I turned the HSN clockwise (1 1/2 aprox), this worked out but the car started to accelerate and move its wheels too fast (it was not only "erratic" behaviour but too fast).
The next step I took was to adjust the idle screw counter clockwise, I thought I had to close the carburator gap (less air -> less acceleration and wheels would not move so much). This is the point where I failed, in some moment the idle screw kind of got out and the carb got dealigned. In this point I started to move the carburator back and forth adjusting both LSN and Idle screw. In some moment I could put the carb in place. Reading redcat racing site I found that LSN fabric setting was about 2 1/2 counter clockwise (after moving it clockwise until it stoped). The idle screw leaves a gap of about 1-2mm. The car started again; however, it is now accelerating TOO MUCH in idle, it was full speed and I had to turn it off because it is obvious there is something wrong. My questions are:

1) Can I be sure that I reassembled the carb correctly? Is there any test I can do or any site to read? I guess there is too much air coming in, could there be a memory leak in the carb because it is not correctly reassembled?

2) What can I do to adjust the needles in a correct way to don't have it moving the wheels at top speed at idle (probably fabric setting, in case it is different from what I did)?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

nitrosportsandrunner 12-25-2013 01:55 PM

sounds like you have not finished the breakin process yet?

I would screw both high and low speed needles all the way in, and then both out 2 turns.

If your idle is to high, adjust the idle set screw (which adjusts the air going in at idle...not the fuel.) There is a sweet spot. As long as your motor isn't revving super high, keep the buggy with it's wheels off the ground so you can tinker with the idle speed to get it right (note, even at a proper idle speed...with wheels off the ground they will be spinning slowly, but the buggy will not move once on the ground)

The idle set screw meets a grove in the carb's slide. It is possible to have the screw in the carb but NOT in the groove. If adjusting the idle screw does not change the carb's opening, then it is not in the groove.

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