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NecroRC 01-07-2014 06:05 PM

Monsoon XTE
Hi. I'm new to RedCats, but have been watching Ali's videos and reading reviews for almost a month. I think I'm ready to buy a Monsoon XTE. I was wanting to know if it can handle 5.5"-7.5" tires on 3.8" wheels like the Proline Road Rage/Badlands/Rock Rage? What brands and tire sizes will fit without too much stress on the suspension/drivetrain parts. Which pinion could I upgrade (safely) to in order to be as fast as the Backdraft 8e? If anyone has a Monsoon XTE that can tell me a bit more about its performance on grass, road and dirt it would be greatly appreciated as videos are scarce. Thank you for reading.

Dads like rc too 01-14-2014 06:35 PM

I have the Monsoon XTR, so I can't compare exactly but off road, grass, dirt, or anything else is handled well by this platform. It almost has the clearance of a monster truck with the handling of a stadium truck. It's very hard to roll it over due to its wide wheelbase. One negative is there are very few gearing options "if any" when considering going bigger with the tires. The nitro version is already geared very low. 2 or 3 teeth more on the clutch bell would be perfect and reduce some of the in your face torque that the XTR has while adding a bit more top speed that it needs. Adding bigger tires would only increase the low end and make it worse.

foxys 01-15-2014 12:52 AM

Gearing on the XTE is easy, Novak makes a whole line of 5mm shaft mod 1 pinions. Just remember to keep an eye on motor heat if your gearing up. It's great to go fast, but if you roach your motor because you overgeared it the fun will be over quick.

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