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NitroJoe1986 02-05-2014 08:25 PM

Doing engine swap in earthquake 3.5 need throttle linkage help!!
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Hey all, I bought an earthquake 3.5 off ebay a few months ago for an excellent deal (140 shipped) I just started having trouble with the engine the last while so I figured I would get a new engine and just keep the old one for parts. When I was taking the knuckle off the carb the linkage looks like the two arms are supposed to connect somehow but I don't really know. I honestly didn't pay much attention to that until now. I kinda circled where It seems to me how it should go but im really not sure. I searched online but couldn't find any pictures detailed enough or with enough room around that area to really see how it is supposed to go. I would appreciate any and all help. This is my first nitro and I love It. I have beat the hell out of it and have actually only spent about $20 on repairs besides goin for the new engine which run me $80 on ebay brand new in box


NitroJoe1986 02-06-2014 10:06 PM

I feel kinda stupid for posting this but after really looking everything over I don't think there is anything wrong with the linkage.. just a noobie mistake lol.
On a second note I just realized that the new engine I bought has an "SG" shaft on it and the original engine has a "P" shaft. would I be able to swap the shaft on the old engine into the new or would I have to either find another engine with the proper shaft or i guess the better question would it be worth while to get the different parts that will fit on this shaft or would it just cost too much? My nearest hobby shop is about a 6 hour drive away so everything is ordered online and i gotta resort to the forums for any help for the most part

Redcat James 02-12-2014 08:19 AM

You also have the option of filling out the warranty form for Redcats lifetime engine replacement and sending in your old engine for 1/2 off a brand new engine. http://www.redcatracing.com/Warranty

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