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stack1987 04-27-2014 06:09 PM

valcano s30 wont move help
I'm a little new but here it goes. I was bashing my valcano s30 and all of the sudden it just started reving high ant wont wove i checked all drive cups and the drive shafts, there all tight if i pick it up and hit the throttle the wheels will move but once on the ground it wont. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

zackS30 04-27-2014 07:08 PM

Sounds like the clutch went out...maybe the spring broke or it just burnt out. Its a plastic clutch.

stack1987 04-27-2014 07:11 PM

Is there a way to diagnose the clutch without taking it off also if the front center driveshaft grub screw was loose would it just be 2 wheel drive or not move at all

stack1987 04-28-2014 11:41 AM

If the clutch was bad wouldn't it want to take off when I start it

zackS30 04-29-2014 10:51 PM

Yeah, or its worn down so it doesnt catch right anymore like mine.
If one of the grub screws is loose tighten it with a bit of BLUE locktite.

Nightwolfe13 05-20-2014 09:05 AM

I'm having the same problem with my caldera 10e. I pulled the motor and saw that it was rusty so I replaced that and it is still acting the same. Picking it up the wheels will spin, but when it's on the ground the motor acts like the battery is dead, even though I've tried multiple batteries then used the same batteries on another redcat with zero issues. Neither the stock nimh or a 2000mah Lipo battery works. Please help before I start buying new esc and or programming card for no reason.

zackS30 05-20-2014 11:39 PM

So u replaced the motor but it still doesnt work?
And the same batteries work im another car?
Sounds like the esc is either dead or it needs reprogramming. Does your remote have endpoint adjustments? Maybe they got moved by accident and jusy need to be turned back up?

Redcat James 05-22-2014 11:23 AM

Nightwolfe, sounds like you esc is bad and it's cogging.

Nightwolfe13 05-25-2014 05:58 AM

I've ordered 60a esc instead since the motor I installed has a 60 amp draw. Also a 3s 5000mah 20c Lipo, which I don't believe will cause any over heating issues since the esc and motor have Will have been upgraded. I'll have to search the forums as to what cogging is since I'm unfamiliar with this term. Will keep posted if that is not the problem.

zackS30 05-25-2014 07:30 AM

Cogging is I belive is when ur over geared, and the motor makes the gears sort of jump back and forth making a noise at low speeds.

stack1987 05-25-2014 11:27 AM

ok guys i replaced the clutch with a aluminum one. and still it wont move just revs, all grub screws are tight i even took the middle gear box out and inspected that what about that nut and spring that goes on the spur gear i believe it the slipper plates but not sure this is getting verry irritating

zackS30 05-25-2014 01:44 PM

will it roll? Do the driveshafts spin and the truck not move?
If the drive shafts spin but it doesnt move then maybe ur problem is in the diffs?

stack1987 05-25-2014 04:29 PM

I was messing with that nut on that spur gear the one that has the spring behind it and I got it working but then it started doing the same thing after a tank what is that called do you know

stack1987 05-25-2014 04:57 PM

I was messing with that nut on that spur gear the one that has the spring behind it and I got it working but then it started doing the same thing after a tank what is that called do you know

zackS30 05-25-2014 07:52 PM

So the nut on the spur came loose? Or on the pinion? Either way if its coming loose put a few dabs of blue loc-tite on it.
I have a tornado s30 andd ive been all over the transmission and the only nut ive seen with a spring on it is on the shifter. But the volcano is single speed.

stack1987 05-26-2014 12:00 AM

I'll post a pic in the morning but if your looking at the single speed transmission right behind the spur gear there is a really thin nut with a spring

stack1987 05-26-2014 03:55 PM

It's the steel differential gear set you can see the part at redcat racing

stack1987 05-28-2014 03:07 AM

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http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/atta...mentid=1999224that little silver nut with the spring is that a sliipper plate?

zackS30 05-28-2014 06:39 AM

I would guess so. Have u tried tightening it and using loctite

stack1987 05-28-2014 06:42 AM

No I will though thanks for all the help

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