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SnowmanPA 06-08-2014 01:12 PM

Help! Radio problem with "new" Sumo
Howdy Group!

First time poster here...this looks like the place for answers. I bought a Redcat Sumo truggy for my son's birthday in February. We were initially impressed with the performance and the range was good for about 75 feet. Unfortunately, the range dropped off dramatically within just a couple of weeks. The car would fail to respond beyond 10 or 15 feet. Within a month the radio and the car would barely communicate. The car would operate erratically, or not at all, even when standing right next to it.

Even with a fresh set of NiMH rechargeable AA's, the radio performance was the same. There is a small thin wire under the body shell that I presume is the antenna. How long shold this wire be? (I don't know if my son may have shortened it.) Should it be extended in length or run through a "straw" to stiffen it up outside the body?

Although we've had this car for about 5 months, we probably ran it for no more than a combined total of an hour or so before the radio problem rendered it basically useless.

Is there anything I can do to improve upon this performance? We like the car and it seems to work great if we can get the radio to communicate with it.

Any ideas or help will be appreciated!


Redcat James 06-09-2014 10:39 AM

The antenna should be about 2" long. If it was cut then that could be your problem. If the antenna was not cut then more than likely your PCB board is bad. Here is the part number 24620.

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