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chopper22980 02-01-2006 10:39 AM

someone please help
Ive got the volcano stx 1/10 scale truck.Well ive just put a new clutch and spring in it.That went great no problems.Now its back together and im having problems with the way its running.It starts fine and will run great.The problem is when I try and stop it or even slow it down it will cut right off.Ive made adjustments to it and still the same problem.It wont just sit and idle,it either has to move or it cuts off.Ive adjusted the idle screw and still the same o same o.Please if any one can help that would be great,thanks.

Chubbysdad 02-01-2006 11:18 AM

RE: someone please help
check your opening in the top of carb. It seems to me it is too low. Also, you might have to lean out the ls screw. Does it take off good? Also, check when you apply your brake, the the opening doesn't close. If so adjust it so it doesn't . Just take off air cleaner and apply brake and see if the opening closes. Just an idea.

wildwilly 02-01-2006 06:23 PM

RE: someone please help
the only time ive had this problem is when the clutch spring has broken. Try sitting the truck on something so that the wheels can all spin freely and fiddle with the idle then. If you cant get it to a point where the wheels will stop and the engine stays on then the clutch spring is probably broken, or maybe its not strong enough. I have replaced the spring and the one of got currently is only just strong enough to stop the clutch engaging at idle.

Trav 09 03-19-2006 03:23 AM

RE: someone please help
ive had the same problem and its your clutch bell you need a new one there cheap like 5 bucks what happens is they stick and wont let it turn thats why it shuts off im positve this is the problem

ehroof 03-19-2006 09:38 AM

RE: someone please help
if you got the clutch spring from redcat, it is possinle it broke again, i bought a traxxas spring since the clutch spring redcat uses is very inferior.

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