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hotepdagremlin 02-05-2006 08:13 PM

XP Tornado 1/10 problems
Has anyone else had problems with the fuel tank not sealing correctly? I can not get enough back pressure on the tank too take the car above a fast idle. When you speed up it will fill the fuel line with air and stall. When you crank the engine it will blow exhaust out from the lid of the tank. My brother has a OFNA nitro buggy and the tank on it is completely air tight. So what I am wondering is do I have a defective tank right out of the box or is there a adjustment that I have not done to correct the problem. Another issue that I had was the retainer spring on the clutch broke and we had too rig it work, mind you it broke after a tank of fuel was idled thru the car and when I attempted too make its maiden run CLUNK the spring broke. But I would really like some input on the fuel tank issue.

Chubbysdad 02-05-2006 08:22 PM

RE: XP Tornado 1/10 problems
With the gas tank, if you just fill it and flop the lid down I noticed they dont seal that great. THen push it down alittle bit more and it makes a good seal. Also check the rubber oring and see if it is not defective. If yours still doesn't build up a vacuum then you either have a bad gas tank or a pin hole in the lines..
The springs are sensitive. I had some that broke fast or just unhooked. After that they lasted good.

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