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Connormon 03-17-2006 09:11 PM

.18 Tiger Drive -- WORKS
Hey guys

I just installed a tiger drive about a week ago and man i love it. Its like the roto start only in some ways better. First off its way cheaper (only 15 bucks) and second off you can use any electric drill with a clutch on it.


Reall knuckle saver.

Any questions on it i'll be happy to answer.

ehroof 03-17-2006 09:29 PM

RE: .18 Tiger Drive -- WORKS
i bought the hpi rotostart backplate at my lhs for $16 (no shipping). But i am glad it worked for you, its better than the pull start that came on the tornado xp. The pullstart or the volcano i got is working great. The two vehicles are like nite and day, the truck just seems to be much better, even down to the radio.

Connormon 03-17-2006 09:51 PM

RE: .18 Tiger Drive -- WORKS
Oh, but didnt you have to buy a Roto Start as well? Whats the cost of those? For people that already have a roto START(not backplate) then yea..get a back plate its the way to go. But for as far as cost, most people, if im not mistaken, have a drill already on em and 15 to 20 bucks later they got a Tiger Drive. Im not putting down the roto start, used my friends for a while till i got my tiger drive and man did i love it. But i decided for a tiger drive.

Either Way they both have positive and negative outlooks.

But yeah it works for me.

ehroof 03-17-2006 10:27 PM

RE: .18 Tiger Drive -- WORKS
Why cant you use a drill on the hpi rotostart?? BTW i have an hpi rs4 3 evo so it did pay for me to get it but a cordless drill will work fine on the hpi too. I just think that hpi is a better product and better company, most people in this hobby have a 7.2 volt battery and charger and you can charge these usually off a car battery or cigarette lighter so i think it makes more sence to invest in the roto start wand too, its like $20. What if your drill goes dead and your out somewhere without ac power, how do you carge the drill???????

ehroof 03-17-2006 10:40 PM

RE: .18 Tiger Drive -- WORKS
by the way, i was not criticising you about your purchase, i was just mentioning that i bought the hpi version and it worked too. You can buy this at your local hobby store for $16 and not have to pay shipping. You can also use a drill with it. Thats all, nothing more and nothing less. So lets calm down a little.

Connormon 03-17-2006 10:59 PM

RE: .18 Tiger Drive -- WORKS
Oh im not mad. i was just saying. There both choice products, and yes HPI is a more well known company, and yes they make awesome products. The original reason i got a tiger drive was because my friend was saying they didnt make roto starts for my size engine. And i didnt look into it so i just went with a tiger drive.

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