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nitrosteve22 03-20-2006 03:42 PM

Tornado XP arrived! (Pics)
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Hi folks! Got my Tornado in the mail today,its a little bigger than I expected... Never seeing a 1/10th scale buggy in person before I thought they were shorter but who's complaining? Theirs no way of getting to my Airtronics radio transmitter (got the servos and reciever but...) so I'm gunna have to make due with the stocker for now. But I got one of them fancy venom smart temp fail safes that monitors everything so I'm not TO worried.

Gotta say its a fancy looking buggy,and my first buggy (always had ST's and MT's before) and I cant wait to drive it,unfortunatly its snowing and is supposed to continue for the next two days or so.... Sometime today or tonight I'll go through and threadlock a majority of screws,set the servos,get the failsafe programmed and check everything over good before I fire it up.

The buggy seems to have a lot of resistance when rolling on all fours,something is catching.... Is that normal? When tipping the buggy up on two tires the buggy will roll freely and the opposite tires will rotate in the opposite direction which is normal but why is it catching when on all fours? I tried to spin the spur gears on the 2speed and it feels a bit stiff as well. And good god that motor is tight! I pulled the glow plug and gave the rope a few tugs and worried about breaking something. Would a few drops of marvel mystery oil (I use it for after run oil) down the plug hole help it out before I fire it up for the first time?

I've gone through so many tuning threads and hammered all the info I could and feel more than confident I can handle this. It's been a good many years since I played with a nitro burner so I'm super excited to get this thing going but now I get to wait for the snow to go away....

Anyways,thanks redcat for providing me an affordable and interesting way to get back in to the sport of nitro RC.

AND!!! Super big thanks to Chubbysdad ( http://www.clermontmotorsports.com ) for awesome prices,blazin quick support and a good attitude! I recommend him to anyone and everyone! I look forward to doing business with this man in the future (when I order my Hurricane XP!) .

ehroof 03-20-2006 05:08 PM

RE: Tornado XP arrived! (Pics)
i would definately lube the engine, drop some after run oil or marvel mystery oil and pull the cord a few times, the engines come very tight.

Connormon 03-20-2006 06:29 PM

RE: Tornado XP arrived! (Pics)
if only you could keep em that way

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