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eclipseaudio4 12-13-2007 10:38 PM

Ways to start your redcat
Ok guys I want to know, how do you start your redcat and what engine you have in it?

I am also trying to find out if there is a backplate for the vx.18 that will do away with the bushing back there and if so what type of starter box people are using, how easy they are to use, and if they are worth it.

twomanytoys 12-13-2007 10:48 PM

RE: Ways to start your redcat
There is a backplate from rotostart that works great. My son used to use the pullstart but he got tired of it. Once teh roto start was installed it starts up real quick. This is on the vx 18 adn I will be installing a roto start on his avalanche because he is 9 and its going to be real hard to pull this big block.

team carpet fire 12-14-2007 08:24 AM

RE: Ways to start your redcat
i usally pull the pullstart i have the .18 engine in mine the cars not good but the engine is

Gru15 12-14-2007 06:00 PM

RE: Ways to start your redcat
I use the rotostart, I'm running the sh .18 engine in the Volcano. Just got sick and tired of the pull start, When I got my kit in the mail I took off the pullstart and all of it's springy glory and threw it in the trash. When I got my Lightning STR VX .16 engine a couple weeks ago thats the first thing I did was take that d*** pullstart off and installed a rotostart back plate........ The extra money you spend on getting a battery pack and charger (if you don't already have one) is WELL worth it.

AllAboutFunHobbies 12-15-2007 12:00 AM

RE: Ways to start your redcat
Roto start on Volcano, Hurricane, Custom machined roto start on Tremors, roto start on RS4, lightnings. Roto start all the way my man, one wand one battery one good full charge and I can start them all day long. no broken pull string, no big box to carry around, just stick my roto starter and glow ignitor in my back pocket and ready to go.

Chubbysdad 12-15-2007 08:15 AM

RE: Ways to start your redcat
I was roto start all the way. But with a new racing motor, most of them only come bump box start only. Plus in the long run, its better because no one way bearing is needed. But the down fall is lugging that starter box around. Oh well gotta suffer alittle for the killer performance of the motor.

FlyinGN 12-15-2007 08:37 AM

RE: Ways to start your redcat
I am into roto starts now and use the Sullivan tiger drives which work great. But most likely starter boxes are in my future..

AllAboutFunHobbies 12-15-2007 10:32 AM

RE: Ways to start your redcat
That's true, lol. Ya know what it really depends on what you want to deal with and what kind of engine you have. I agree with Dennis though on the performance engines, ya have to have a bump box, if you watch the racers most of them have bump boxes.

Syclone354 12-15-2007 11:25 AM

RE: Ways to start your redcat
does the rotostart still depend on a one way bearing?

can you use a bumpbox on a stock avalanache/monsoon?

Chubbysdad 12-15-2007 01:22 PM

RE: Ways to start your redcat
yes roto start still uses one way bearing. You can use a bump box on them just have to get a rear plate for the sh. I have them in stock also. It eliminates the one way which is nice.

eclipseaudio4 12-15-2007 03:23 PM

RE: Ways to start your redcat
I would not be opposed to a bump box, what are some good ones to look at? Also is there a back plate for the vx that gets rid of the OWB and the bronze bushing back there?

Krazy Matt 02-12-2014 08:15 AM

I'm new to nitro rc cars. I bought a redcat lightning str with the .16. Can't get it started. Had it running last nite for about a min then it sounded like it got flooded and shut down. I tried to lean out the hsp needle and lsp needle cuz the tires was spinning like crazy. And I took out the glo plug blew it off and shot the rest of the fuel out of the cylinder. And now I can't get it to start. Checked the glo plug again and plugged it into the igniter it still lites and gets bright but not really bright . I'm running 33% in it. I think I guess I jus really need more help with the adjustment on the needles. Can anyone shed some light on what I'm doing or not doing? I'd appreciate it. New to this site as we'll.

nitrosportsandrunner 02-26-2014 02:51 PM

I prefer electrics, but the nitros I have owned I kept or installed a pull starter. I don't like having to carry a bump box/batts or a battery powered roto start. part of the joy in nitro is not having to worry about batteries dying.
also, I don't like to have to carry the extra gear with me....just a glow plug and fuel to re-start the rig when it dies. A well tuned motor will fire up plenty quick with just a pull start. on the flip side.....when the motor is having problems a pull starter can get frustrating pretty quickly.

to krazy matt....a glow plug can glow but not do so once in the motor and under compression. try a new plug 1st. try many things before messing with your needles. when a motor runs and then doesn't, it is more likely not a carb issue (unless the carb got clogged somehow) and messing with the needles will just cause more problems. Flooding a motor can often cause a glow plug to fail, even if it isn't very old.

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