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ridgerunner1 03-15-2008 09:00 AM

Wrong Part numbers
Heres a little run down, went to may monsoon manual and found the part number i needed 88026 front lower hing pin ordered it and it came very fast, only thing was it was the wrong part, called redcat and talked to one of there parts guys i will say here the guy was very eazy to talk to and very helpful.

The problem is that the monsoon manual and the redcat parts page ended up being wrong 88026 is the front upper hing pins and 88025 is the front lower hing pins, the parts guy check out his stock and yup there backwards so hes going to talk to his manager and have that fixed on there parts page, i have changed mine in may manual and if you get your part numbers using yours you may want to change your also, anyway thumbs up on redcat very eazy to talk to and very helpful part will be on its way.

DOHO i wanted this in the Redcat Monsoon Thread can someone move it for me thanks.

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