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intro and corro uk?

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Default intro and corro uk?


I am new to flying (wrecked my sturdy birdie over 10 years ago, never flew again) and am wanting to build myself one of these SPADs. I live in Scotland, and have checked in a few brick & mortar shops to no avail. Local printersdoesn't use coro, realtors won't give me the time of day. So far, I have only been able to find sheets of 800x500mm (31.5x19.6 in) in both 2mm and 4mm that I can afford. I can get larger sheets, but I have to buy 25 of them in a go, costing me £75+ for 2mm, over £100 for 4mm. I just don't have the space to store those kinds of quantities. Here's my 2 main questions.

What trainers can I build with the above sizes available to me?
Is there anywhere else, online or otherwise, that I can get correx-like stuff from without a large outlay?
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Default RE: intro and corro uk?

Welcome back to R/C and Spads. The stuff is availiable in the UK so you will be able to get it. as far as trainers, the debonair or spadet are the two main trainers that there are plans for on www.spadtothebone.com. I have sent you a PM (personal message) on info concerning the material. www.spadworld.net is another place that has tons of info on spads, thats were the spadders hang out
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