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bw5493 07-26-2012 06:38 PM

1st annual Idaho Falls SPAD RACE Pics
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This year, our SPAD racing has taken off even more, and Idaho Falls, ID Desert Eagles club hosted their 1st annual race. We had 9 racers, over 40 spectators, 6 of whom ordered ASP .52's after seeing the SPADs run!! We had our first race in Twin Falls, ID back in May with 15 pilots, and 60+ spectators.
Our last race of the year is 8 Sept in Boise, ID......Come join us and bring a DPS!! Magnum/ASP .52 powered If you need our rules let me know!! Cash prizes will be given away.

ratshooter 07-27-2012 02:21 PM

RE: 1st annual Idaho Falls SPAD RACE Pics
BW that looks like it was a blast. Too bad you folks are so far away. I would love to race with you. I have a NIB Magnum 52 and may have to build a DPS for it just in case. So far as I know I have the only SPAD at our club. It gets lots of looks when I bring ot out. I have a SPAD Stik. Sort of. Its a little modified. It will easily outfly my GP Big Stik 40. I guess because it was so cheap and easy to build I don't mind throwing it around and doing stuff close to the ground. I cannot figure out why these planes are not more common and popular.

I hope you post pics from the next race.

bw5493 07-27-2012 07:19 PM

RE: 1st annual Idaho Falls SPAD RACE Pics
Thanks Ratshooter. You bet it's fun! We are growing ours basically by building 2 or 3 planes and letting folks try it out. We use them to practice formation takeoffs and landings as well as general formation flying. The DasPlasStick is a perfect platform, easy build, very sporty to fly with rates cranked up, yet lands at a walking pace. The .52 make a great match. It will almost climb indefinately straight up off of take off, and we routinely radar gun them at 88mph using Master Airscrew 11x7.5 props, McCoy Rc59 plugs and 15% fuel. We do allow for the fuselages to be fliped as you see in the photo's, other than that pretty much stock.

So build a spare plane, and let folks fly it, or get 3-4 guys and you all build and fly in formations etc and it will catch on. With the .52 running well under $100, the entire plane is cheep to build and fly, and more and more folks will like the idea. Builds as easy as an ARF, yet will be around long after an ARF is dead and buried.

Another way we got folks to get on board is to get a bunch of materials, and envite them over for a build day at your house.

PatrickCurry 07-30-2012 04:59 PM

RE: 1st annual Idaho Falls SPAD RACE Pics
Where do you guys order your ASP's from?  Is there a U.S. distributor for those now other than Hobbypartz or do you get them from overseas?  Hobbypartz's web page appears somewhat sketchy not being able to tell which part numbers are which.

Clean 08-03-2012 06:55 PM

RE: 1st annual Idaho Falls SPAD RACE Pics
Cool Guys.

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