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jagfly 10-05-2019 01:03 PM

Tucson RCPRO Warbird Race 11/02/2019
Preregistration not required but would help getting things started quicker in the morning. Only one caller per racer in each class, the system at times drops a racer if more then two are on the same frequency which causes a remake of the class and event start delay. As always lunch will be provided at no cost to pilots. Preregistrations and questions to 3250rcman@gmail.com .

jagfly 10-06-2019 02:13 PM

Email correction
The email for registration should be rcman3250@gmail.com
Sorry about that

hossinarizona 11-04-2019 01:09 PM

Thanks to TIMPA, and all the workers for a great event. We were able to fly 5 rounds, thanks to efficiently running of the race.
Looking forward to the next event at TIMPA.

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