I guess I would still be considered new to helis. I have been flying for a couple years. Started on a Blade Mcx then onto a Hirobo Quark SRB and now a DH9117. I want to get into scale Hilos and to be more excact I want a MI-24 Hind. Every since I saw one in a movie when I was a kid I have loved the massiveness of this heli. I am looking at the only 2 kits I can find, Darths and Aerodyn, and was wonder on what I should be looking for. They are made out of different materials and are different scales. I want to end up in a 600 eventually but have been considering either the 450 or 500 as my next heli. I finaly have a day off so I am going to hit up youtube for building techniques. Anyone in particular I should look up? Thanks for any help and I look forward to reading more builds on this forum.