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First scale requested.

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Default First scale requested.

Good evening to all. I am requesting some help from the group in order to save my first attempt at scale building.
I have a older..(way older) heim bell 222 fuse that I got this year.
Ill skip the meaningless stuff and get to the point.
I need an elmer or 2 that I can contact or possibly help me in person near the Houston, Texas area.
Here is the rundown of the situation:
1. I have laid another sheet of fiberglass inside of the fuse to stiffen it up as this is older (like 15+ years) fiberglass. I have not sanded it down to a smooth finish yet.
2. I have already made perfect scale landing skids out of brake line tubing.(this shows that I can learn and I know where to get the information). The gear is attached to the fuse already.
3. The glass for the windows that came with this fuse is not going to work. I might have messed up a little bit on cutting out the windows but I am for sure that the blue plastic stuff that I received wont work as none of it fits and one piece that I did try to cut went wrong.
4. I sanded down the outside, shot it with fuel-proof primer and saw the pin-holes that were left that needed to be filled and areas that needed to be sanded. Im working on that now.
5. I already have the uni-2000 mechanics and 0s61 engine installed into the mechanics.
Now I have contacted the master of all things that are scale (yes sandy im talking about you here) and he has done nothing but help me. Im getting the tail drive, wood and mechaincs stuff from him.
He has done nothing but be the best support I have. However, Sandy is a very busy person. I cant see giving up on this fuse. Its my first project and if I quit now, I dont learn anything. Yes she's old but I know she'll hold. She just needs some tlc and someone with the knowledge of scale fuse's.
If anyone can help me out here. I can do alot of work myself just need the guidance to get her in the air.
I have not done a thing about the electronics as I am no where near that point yet.
I will not give up on her as my next project is a Bell Long Jet Ranger to complete my Bell family.
ANY and I mean ANY help or personal elmering will be greatly appreciated and If someone is close by and has a weekend free....Ill buy dinner, lunch, whatever it takes.
Please contact me here or at my email address if there is anything you can do.
Thanks for taking the time out to read this.
Houston EMS Medic
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Default RE: First scale requested.

hi mate..
im assuming youre asking about more of setting up the heli and not asking more tips on how to rebuild the heli or fuselage..
some one asked about another old heli and i think my replys to him will be helpful even to you..

hope this helps
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