The other day to say the least i was upset that i bought these tires , My menace came stock with the Chevrons and i guess i fell in love with how i made the truck handle with these tires. Well the other day i was on the phone and i told Robert that i was not too happy with the Venoms , and i had went back to the Chevrons. Well i have just about wore the Chevrons down to the inserts and i decided to give the Venoms another shot since i had them in my bag. Keep in mind that i had only ran the Venoms maybe 10 mins last time and it was the 1st time i had ever ran them and flipped the menace twice. So I went ahead and took the Chevrons off and put the venoms on and took it easy for about a tank. After the 2nd tank , I noticed the Venoms were not quite as sticky as they were out of the bag, and this is what i was fearing. Well to say the least i love how they handle after breaking them in. I still love the Chevrons but I really like how the Venoms handle on the pavement. They really bring the F-250 out ! The low profile design gives the menace that truck on 24's look !