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$15 Piper Cub Salvage Rebuild

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Default $15 Piper Cub Salvage Rebuild

$15 Piper Cub Salvage Rebuild

After the unfortunate landing of the piper cub I decided to rebuild the fuse in foam board. I'm loosing the wheels infavorof a skid

Flying weight 483 Grams 23 gramsheaverthan the original Cub with its the foam fuselage.

This battery worked well on the piper,4 minutes flying around half throttle, only slightly warm, flight was ended by SirIssac not battery life.

Capacity : 610mAh
Constant discharge: 20C
Burst rate: 30C (15sec)
Configuration : 3S 11.1v
Pack size: 55x31x16mm
Weight : 50.9g

PRODUCTID: R610-20-3

I retained thedimensionsfor the tail location as it flew pretty well, my excuse for the hard landing was I flew in front of the sun

I have moved the thrust line up 40 mm as the cub tended to pitch up at fullthrottle. I also extended the nose 20 mm to get let me set the CG further forward.

This motor seems to match well with the stock 7" prop that came with the Cub

Kv- 1700rpm/v
Best Load:8.4A
Max current: 9.2A
No Load Current: .5A
Suggested Lipo:2 cell 7.4v
Thrust: 400g+
Suggested Prop: 8x3.8

The wings and tail survivedintact
I also extended the nose 20 mm to get let me set the CG further forward by moving the battery on the power pod.
Also the pod follows the top of the nose at a down angle of 3.75°
Built a small power pod for the motor ESC and RX, withe the batteryVelcro-edto the underside.
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