I made one HUGE mistake!

Yeah, I'm back to this thread...I sold the SS at Lebanon, PA swap meet coupla years back. After the rebuild, I was planning on a better engine/thrust combo when my 1st marriage went south, (thankfully, lol). I needed the $$ to help settle so most of my hobby got liquidated.

Here's the rub. Prior to all that, I had traced out each and every die-cut plywood part on 1/8" lite ply and had stored against the day i might need another rebuild. I went looking for that plywood last night on a whim and discovered it was gone with all my other wood stock, back when.

The balsa parts templates are also missing in action, LOL.

Is there ANYONE out there that MIGHT have kept all the ply "trees" after their build project? In other words, I want to SCRATCH build this airframe once again but this time, NOT from lite ply. If I could persuade some generous modeler to loan these to me, I would trace them and return them ASAP!

The plans are another story. Those got cut up during my original build and I'll be looking to find those as well.

This is a call to any and all Super Stinker owner/builders that a "brother" is looking to join ranks once again!

I do appreciate y'all!