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Lone Star TLAR - Design & Build


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Default Lone Star TLAR - Design & Build

Over the last 45 years or so I have built many, many kits and probably repaired even more airplanes. I have always wanted to build something that I designed, but was a little apprehensive that I could design one that would not only be good looking, but also be a reasonably good flier. Because of the wealth of knowledge that resides on this forum, I would like to post the design, as well as the construction of the plane here. I would also like to have any comments that any of you have about the design and its construction. Good or bad, bring all your comments here. I've never designed an airplane before and I suspect that there will be many bad guesses and "uh-oh" as I go along. Let me know what you see as you see it. I will include a copy of what is complete so far in an AutoCAD file of the drawing as soon as I can figure out how. Would appreciate any suggestions about how to share this. If anybody out there has the ability to convert a .dwg file to a .pdf file, please attach to your response. My work in not copyrighted in any form. As a matter of fact, most of what I know I picked up from somebody else.

Design notes - As the name suggests, this design is named the "Lone Star TLAR" with TLAR being short for 'That Looks About Right'. I've done a few calculations just to assure myself that the design will actually fly; but overall, the design is built on looks and not from the textbooks or calculations. I want lines that are smooth and flow into every other component. I know this desire can add weight, so keep me on track when you see me start getting a little heavy.

Wing - The wing will be fully elliptical. Wing span - 90”. Wing area – 1555 I know that elliptical plan forms complicate construction, but looks are important. I haven’t yet decided whether the plane will be a low-wing or a mid-wing, or whether the wing will be one-piece or two. What do you guys think? Based on your experience, what would you do and why?

I have not attached a drawing of what I have sketched out so far because the file size is greater than allowed on the forum. If anyone knows how to reduce an AutoCAD .dwg file of about 350k so that I can post it here, send me a PM and I will e-mail you the file.

Once you see the drawing, you will see that I have not selected a leading edge design. I have two thoughts on this – I can carve one out of a rather large piece of balsa or I can laminate one from ~1/8” strips. I’m kinda favoring the laminating method, but haven’t decided.

Once I have semi-finalized the wing, I will start the fuselage and empennage. I will post those drawings as I complete them.
Please consider this request an open invitation to send your recommendations. My only requirement is to be ----------- “That Looks About Right”.
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