If you want a modern version of ModelCad 3000 this documentation tells you how to do it. If you want to use ModelCad 3000 to setup your drawings for Laser cut services use the drawing tricks described to do it. If you want free airplane planes there is a link to a great site and how to get the plans into ModelCad 3000.The following Link is to a download package that I made up for the programs and method I use to create gcode for the Donek drag knife to cut Redi-Board, (Dollar Tree foam board) on a DIY CNC for making RC model airplanes. If you are CNC hobbyist or just want to learn some more about ModelCad 3000 and on a low budget it is worth the look. It is a zip file, in Windows 7 after you download the file right click on the file and choose to extract. All the software that is included is free to use no strings attached. http://ubuntuone.com/41QpyBkkTxyKiMY5ImKYWz