recently started doing scratch builds with DTFB and dow foam.

but found these Air raid raptor foam gliders at walmart...$10

I have a 64mm EDF with 4300kv motor.

I found the CG of the glider as it was....then mounted the servos and used DTFB to make control surfaces. With that done, I simply moved the EDF/battery around until I had the CG where it was before. This really took out any guess work!

Mounted the EDF with DTFB and hot glue (low temp) cut a slot for the 1300mah 3s lipo and wired everything up. I think it took 1.5 hours total.

AUW is just over 500g.

Even tho it was still pretty light, I was amazed at how well it flew! No wheels yet, but it can take off from a smooth surface.
About the only downside is that using a 1300mah with a 64mm edf means the runtimes are not as long as I would like. But it isn't bad.

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