I'm in the process of building a Waco from a set of PICO plans. I got the plans and a fiberglass cowl (evidently the kit was origionally shipped with two ) but am looking for a set of fiberglass wheel pants to go with. Is this company still in business and if so who distributes for them these days? Judging from the plans ( old and yellowed, brittle ) this was a very old model. Copyright is 1980. I need to find a good high quality set of wheel pants to go with. The cowl I got with it is well made heavy fiberglass and gel coated. It weighs almost half a pound by itself. I am hoping to find some wheel pants of similar quality. Since this is my first scratch built I'm not really familiar with hunting down things like this. The original plans referred to silk and dope or Super Coverite but I think it is going to get an ultracote covering. I am almost ready to start designing a cover scheme for it and would like to have the wheel pants ready when I am finished with the wood.

This plane is true 1/5th scale, but was designed for .60 size engines and it says it will fly well with a .45. Can you believe it? My plan is to power it with a OS 1.40 4 stroke or possibly one of the RHS 1.4's.

Thanks in advance