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colosus 01-04-2010 07:09 AM

B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
Hi guys.....

Not sure if this has come up before about building a B2 Stealth....but need some help if pos please....ok iam not a pro at flying planes but have much experience with big Helicopters, i have bought thru the years 4 planes, first was a cheap B2 stealth from Ebay, flew about 5 meters then crashed, underpowered so thru it in the bin, secound was GWS B2 Bomber with Ducted fans, very nice but somehow under powered, crashed it 5 times Last round fatel, ok stripped the guts out and thru the body bits in the bin, still got a Mirage2000 in wood to build Wemo tech fan but take too long plus one crash an its finished, other i fly is GWS P51 with a brushless from GWS fly's fantastic....but i found a plan of a B2 bomber on http://www.SkyHighHobby.com and wondered if i could use the two ducted fans i have for this plane instead of the motor cut thru the back center of body, actually the size is not same as plan, its 100cm wingspan and is same material as depron, for the moment its just a flat depron cutout in the shape the B2 bomber.....was wondering if i cut a secound panel the same, attached some small pieces on depron on the inside as when attach top cover it forms a curve like a real wing, then mark & cut out the area for the ductfans place them in and fill the holes so no air passes in the plane and make covers to glue on top as like the real B2.....please give me your thoughts....dont have the money to buy that wonderful Bomber from http://www.bananahobby.com/1886.html so trying a cheap way out...is it worth it...???

Props4ever 01-04-2010 10:16 AM

RE: B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
I have seen guys on here trying to make models of B2 bomber with not much success, you can make bodies to replicate real thing but when it comes to flying the sucker, it's totally different ball game as it seems to be. I'd say save up and get yourself Banana hobbies offering, somehow they have most beautiful looking and flying B2 bomber's model and it's pretty good size also that i have seen so far as RC model.

My 2 cents worth for ya...


colosus 01-06-2010 03:00 AM

RE: B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
Thanx for info,

Its just because iam crazy with my hands and need to make things,models that is.. always get a buz from something i created and realy works...lol.....

what i wanted to do was use the items ready availible to me at home like those EDF fans, GWSbrushless motor, bits & bobs, i just wanted to make a large electric plane that realy fly's, would be crazy to buy that B2 on Banana.com although nice price but imagine if it doesnt fly....although vid shows that one flying,,, so did the other planes i bought.... not saying i cant fly,,, its not hard to take off... anyone can do that....but mine before... took off began to climb then nose dived all under powered...imagine that beautiful Mirage2000 i have still in box....all that time making it then take off... crash & burn....thats why its still in the box...lol....all i want is a plane that fly's and wont cost anything... lol

BMatthews 01-06-2010 05:36 PM

RE: B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
The problem with fans is that they do not have much punch to get you out of trouble if you need power NOW. Given your low amount of flying time you will want to stick with prop power options for now.

Since the B-2 design does not have any fins for yaw stability it relies on a very fine balance of how the prop affects the wing to get the same effect. By switching to ducted fans in a different location on the model you'll be altering these dynamics so it may or may not be stable in yaw.

If you do this to form an airfoil do not just put the curve on top. Instead curve both the top and bottom equally. If you don't then you will need to use a LOT of up trim to make the lifting section stable. Flying wings rely on wing twist or reflex to be stable in pitch.

colosus 01-07-2010 04:09 AM

RE: B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
Thanx for the help..... yes i suppose iam a novice but with the P51 from GWS it fly's like a dream and yeehaa i can fly it....

I changed angles here..... i going to build the Avro Vulcan from http://www.rcscratchbuilders.com/pla...oupsplans.html, i ve seen the video and seems to fly very stable....i have all the meterials so should be easy....either i use the brushless GWS OUTRUNNER BRUSHLESS MOTOR 2205 i think, this is in the P51, or i use the standard motor that came with the P51 which is geared, also use lipos......and maybe if the works i will try build the Blu Cub2....... wat you think on these plans guys.....?

colosus 01-16-2010 12:10 PM

RE: B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
Ok guys iam still trying to get wat i need to build this Avro B2 bomber.....

but iam also looking for a plan of the Arado 234 v8 with 4 EDFs....if someone can tell me please if this exists as a plan to make from foam...?


BMatthews 01-16-2010 11:54 PM

RE: B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
Sounds like a plan. Certainly there's less radical steps ganged up at one time in going that way so your chances are better with each jump.

colosus 01-18-2010 04:28 AM

RE: B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
Hi to all

Em not sure i understand your message BMatthews.......but the Vulcan is not a problem to build as its half depron and polysterene....but if someone knows of another called the Arado 234 v8 with 4 EDFs from Chris Gold.. a plan is at Traplet Co but not sure if its a plan for wood construction or foam.....but i would like to find one for foam... if you take a look here you will see a pic of the Arado in blue foam form but i cant find this anywhere.... take a look please....


let me know something please guys...thanx

crvarvaro 02-02-2010 07:42 PM

RE: B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
Here is the page with the picture on it:

colosus 02-03-2010 12:21 AM

RE: B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
Thanx for the response m8.... not many people giving me some answers here......

Those pics i got in my mag too......it looks like the only place is Traplet Co.....the thing is i need to know if the plans from Traplet are for the Blue Foam Arado or is it Balsa.....i am looking for blue foam plans......??

crvarvaro 02-03-2010 02:52 AM

RE: B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
Just going by the post with the picture, "The structure is all built up wing, built up fuse, with foam to shape the top, bottom, nose and engine nacelles." So the only foam is for shaping, and the structure is built up wood. Did you find the plan at Traplet? If so, maybe you could ask them.

reddog9985 03-27-2010 09:20 AM

RE: B2 Stealth Foam Bomber..cheap way
hi guys the b-2 is nice and when you are ready definatly buy one but just a fyi do not buy from banana hobby they have real bad reviews cheack them out in the forums and also the bbb they have a F rating and you will get ripped off go to nitroplanes.com they have all the same things bh has and they are cheaper and they are a very repital company so good luck with your build Im looking to find plans for a 117 stelth foammi I have a 44mm edf that I would like to use in one so I need to find one that would be able to use this motor im sure it will be fairly small about 28" l and 24"w but if anyone knows were I might find this that would be helpful Paul

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