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STEVEB 09-10-2012 11:02 AM

Ken Willard's DRAKE II
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Maiden flew my most recent project: Ken Willard's Drake II seaplane. Notwithstanding the first flight was an unassisted take off from our grass field, it still flew great. Have now completed a float test in my flying buddy's in-ground pool. No leaks. With the limited space of the pool, the Drake showed that it comes up quickly and will ROW as easily as it ROG in the first flight. The rudder was responsive enough given the two additional verticle fins but not overly crisp. If this is my only complaint I'm too hard to please!

I converted the glow in the original to an electric. Plenty of power, cruising at about 40% throttle with the battery pack bringing the CG to the recommended spot. The triple tail is neat looking in the fly-by.

I'm starting out with a 3S 2100 LiPo with a 1410KV outrunner. The speed controller is a 30A. Both motor and speed controller purchased at the most recent WRAM show.

Now it's time to wait for 6 Oct for a float fly in Fredericksburg, VA. Can't wait.

S. Barnett
Arnold, MD

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