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    RE: Bose speakers

    They are in loads of Nissan Altimas and Maximas too. I like my factory setup in the Altima 3.5. Decent Mid range and Lows.
  2. RE: Disappointed in RC Advancement Over Last 20 Years

    Brushless motor technology is advancing pretty fast in the RC world. It has slowed in other applications: tooling, appliances, and transportation industries. Radio control hobbies will never be the...
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    RE: OS 18TM v OS 21TM

    The .18 TM Max has a 18mm OD. sleeve, the .21 TM max is bigger, My .18 TM pinching sleeve won't work on my .21 TM. I am looking to get a pinching sleeve for it and have come up empty.
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    RE: monsoon xtr

    You all terrain floor buffer works beautifully!
    Love my Monsoon XP as well. Has a different front end, the only big difference. Get a set of Proline pre-mounts in half offset for the track. sniper,...
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    RE: new redcat racing monsoon

    Ditto, I have really been impressed by the EXI Metal geared High Torque servo I got from Performs every bit as well as the $120 JR servo in my other truggy. It was either the D226 or...
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    RE: thinking on dealing redcat

    The backdraft 8e, earthquake 8E and aftershock 8e are all fine.
    The monsoon xtr and hurricane xtr are solid too.
    I'd look into the new 1/5th. scale electrics as those should be hot movers when...
  7. RE: Whats the best 1/8th scale Nitro Truck right now under 500 bucks..

    LST XXL is way more truck than any stock Savage or Savage XL. I have owned both and my Losi is the true monster. Better diffs., better suspension, way better electronics and engine RTR. The only...
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    RE: Redcat 8e Shocks???????

    You need heavier springs to help against bottoming out. The Revo springs fit as do the Jato. Run Revo (front) green springs up front and Revo (rear) white springs in the rear with 40 wt. oil. Mine...
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    RE: THE STIG....revealed

    I like his playlist while driving. His music choice is all over the place. Except the Ferrari FXX, no stereo in that one, all business!
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    RE: Why do we still have these???

    I dunno, mountain dew always tastes better ice cold out of a can.
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    RE: Pretty Women and Bikini Models :)

    Hey its Revo from, Chris just doesn't want 8 year olds having "the talk" with total strangers online, that's all. You are welcome at BYT anytime, lets just talk trucks. You must...
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    RE: Wow what a truck this Avalanche XP

    -newbs. Enjoy wrenching without support from any friends here, catbob.
  13. RE: impulse buying tied to chemical imbalance

    You ever notice when you have money you can't find a deal on what you are looking for, so you settle on the first thing you see. 1 week later you see exactly what you want for a lower price than you...
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    RE: Price difference

    -apples to oranges. Name brand, highly engineered product vs. copycat design, rebrand for $300 less. Besides, the Volcano is a clone of a Tmaxx, not a Revo. The Revo owns the racing MT scene until...
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    RE: Is the Jato a capable offroader?

    Look into 4 wheel drive rigs like the Losi ten-t. Runs circles around 2 wheel drive stadium trucks in the dirt. On pavement the Jato owns. I like my Jato very much, but it doesn't compare with 1/8...
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    RE: earthquake 8e lipos ?

    4S, 14.8 V is the maximum for the 80A Hobbywing ESC. You can get a higher "C" rating for more punch like, 40C would be terrific as it is already quick with the stock setup. 5000mah 40 C Lipos can be...
  17. RE: formation of a new website about bashing       "Beat, break, build, repeat".-Revolauncher. Chris runs a great site, and we know how to build. Driving? Well we know how to build!:)
  18. RE: What's the cheapest 1:10 electric car/truck with a brushless motor ?

    Figure $60 plus shipping. Compares to Traxxas Velineon except this is 2 cell Lipo maximum.
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    RE: Savage XL - 60 days of hell

    How new to the hobby are you? Sounds like a Nitro MT may not have been the best choice for starters (complicated running gear), as these are pretty common problems, but I agree that throwing...
  20. RE: Need help with steering on Monsoon

    That is how they all look, you don't need to straighten the upper arm rod. Your problem is more likely in the steering rack then, since your knuckles are free. Either that or your steering servo is...
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    RE: fixed dogbone, now new problem

    Your steering servo got wasted from the sounds of it. Replace it with a metal gear high torque servo.</p>
  22. RE: Need help with steering on Monsoon

    The front end is probably binding at the knuckles. I loosened my pinchbolts a half turn each and put a drop of lube on them and they freed right up. You want that bolt so it is just threaded into the...
  23. RE: Still think redcat is not durable watch this now!

    I thought that was a pretty good hit head on. Duck, its Revo from&#160;BYT, you still have your Savy XL? I remember your death metal vids, where you been? This truck has the best front bumper design...
  24. RE: Still think redcat is not durable watch this now!
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    RE: Launching new products at IHobby

    I spy 4 wheel steering on that ground pounder. I wonder how much that beast weighs with all that aluminum!
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