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    So sorry for such a late response guys, I have...

    So sorry for such a late response guys,

    I have not been on here for a while, at least since the big update! I guess I should more often!!

    yes these are still available and if you would like to...
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    RE: my new 5T body ?

    Time to sell afew and recoupe your costs. How much for one shipped to 48341?
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    RE: Nutech Racing USA Closing Down

    Well, no offense intended, I don't know or claim to know the whole story. But in todays informational society it seems that when an employee leaves under stressful or unpleasantΒ*circumstances, said...
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    RE: Nutech Racing USA Closing Down

    Cool!! Looks like Scott spoke out of turn.</p>

    As a means of clearing the confusion since we had 2 people associated with nutech as owners(of course companies can have more than one owner),I did a...
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    RE: nu-tech NR5SC

    Have you thought about the CEN Racing 1/5 scale line. They are available in the uk and carry all replacement parts as well as hopup parts. There are a couple different models including a buggy,...
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    RE: Back yard crawler courses


    Most guys with back yard crawler courses just make a big pile of rocks with a lot of elevation transitions, v cracks ect. that way they can setup gates anywhere and have a neverending choices...
  7. RE: G I Joe Jeep / HPI Crawler King battery

    Bravo!!<div></div><div>Yeah, don't change a thing. But do keep your eye on the heat on ESC as the motor is run in more and dirties up the com. You don't really need that much more run time, do ya?...
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    RE: Nutech Racing USA Closing Down

    Amen Bruthu!! I know exactly what ya mean!

    Its not all glamorous working in the hobbie industry is it?

    Good luck with your new adventure, Scott. Its always fun starting a new chapter in our...
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    RE: toughest nitro basher?

    As nice as the LX2 is there are better if you want to step up.
  10. RE: G I Joe Jeep / HPI Crawler King battery

    That would be cool i would like to see how your moves. I am always interested in seeing how people set up their scale projects and see how they move and what kind of power various setups have
  11. RE: G I Joe Jeep / HPI Crawler King battery

    Nice! And yes ebay is a great source. I am currently watching a few!! You did a great job piecing together an excellent example and rc-ifying it! Got any video of it yet?
  12. RE: ESC regulated with mechanical potentiometer?

    Go to isTHE website dedicated to just what you are trying to do here, by people who actually do it and know what they are doing. It could save you a lot of...
  13. RE: G I Joe Jeep / HPI Crawler King battery

    Geezus, really, I said I was not saying you we're uneducated. Get over it, this guy has a legit thread with a killer build. I was trying to get passed the crap. Stop bringing the personal crap into...
  14. RE: G I Joe Jeep / HPI Crawler King battery

    CrawlerKing!! Great choice for your drive train!!<div><span style="">
    </span></div><div><span style="">Ok rzingsheim,</span><div><span style="">
    </span></div><div><span style="">Since this is the...
  15. RE: G I Joe Jeep / HPI Crawler King battery

    I ask that you respect the OP and clean up this thread for him!
  16. RE: G I Joe Jeep / HPI Crawler King battery

    I have a different perspective.

    I have a few batts that were over discharged to the point my Hitec 4X charger would not charge or recognize them,,,, Until I set it for the next lowest cell, in...
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    RE: DIY 1/4 CARS RCMK 600B

    I agree! That was the first thing that I thought of

    but if they had a nice big open transfer tube, they might get away with it. The current packaging does not look like it's condusive to a single...
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    RE: New 1/4 scale build ROCK CRAWLER!

    Lol Doug, don't mean to bust on ya, but you did see the OP hasn't posted in this thread in over a year and a half, right?<div></div><div>Great way to bring back a dead thread!!</div>
  19. RE: I need Help with the front end of my Baja5b!!!

    x2 chassis definitely bent!!
    <br type="_moz" />
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    RE: finally, my baja5t

    Robert, I think he is talking about the part behind the pinion that has the clutch bell support bearing in it. Yours is the open type that allows dirt and sand in and around the clutch bell. And I...
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    RE: cn ctr 5.0 rtr nitro sedan ????

    I personally love CEN Racing's Products!! I have several and every single one of them have been a blast and durable as hell! I used to call my Genesis and Nemesis the Savage killers because everytime...
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    RE: Crawlers power cuts out.

    Yes he needs a BEC for the electronics circuit.<div>
    </div><div>Anytime you draw that much power from the motivation circuit you need a separate circuit for the controls.</div><div>
  23. RE: help me please 1/5 scale identify

    They are interchangable in the sense that the arm set will interchange, but you cant intermix the arms ect.

    Does that makes sense??

    Oh and the best place to get parts? I dont know, FS parts are...
  24. RE: help me please 1/5 scale identify

    awe thank you!! Thats what I'm here for!!:D
  25. RE: help me please 1/5 scale identify

    Looks like an FS Racing the sister brand to CEN Racing

    The best Ican do on such short notice
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