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  1. RE: Four planes, one night, Awesome feeling

    Acdii I thought you were scrapping the idea of turning the T-34 over to glow? Did you post the build on it?
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    RE: What's Your R/C Story

    I was a gamer but that started getting boring. Seems quality was not something they keep in the industry and I was looking for something new. Since I was a kid, (I'm 37 now) I watched the RC plane...
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    RE: Getting kinda bored...

    I started in planes but sometimes it eats too much of my time flying. I end up spending a halfday flying. I wanted something to do closer to home that was quick and easy, plus once your planes are...
  4. RE: Bringing my Son into the Sport...Advice?

    I know a lot of you do not like Traxxas but the Slash is my firsttruck and I love it. Stock it is a lot of fun and the only thing that broke on it was an A arm due to me misjudging a pole and hitting...
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    RE: New member to the scale scene

    I just ordered one of these with plans to make a scale landrover defender. I figure I will run it and play while I am working on the shell. From what I saw on another forum these SCX10's are great...
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    RE: Next project: Tamiya Tundra Highlift

    Over at another forum I posted the same question and based on the info they fed me I have changed the direction I plan on going in. I am getting the Axial SCX10 and mounting the Tamiya Tundra body on...
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    RE: Next project: Tamiya Tundra Highlift

    Thanks for the answers Modder.

    1. so if I have a Specktrum DX6i that I use for flying can I use it with the truck too and set it as one of my model selections?
    2 don't need anything fast since I...
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    RE: Finally I got Toyota Tundra High-Lift

    Reaper how did you get this deal? Tell the story, or link if you have a deal like that.

  9. Poll: RE: What would your neighbors most likely say?

    We have a party every friday in someones driveway with a lot of neighbors. I brought out my Slash and raced it in the street and small park for everyone to see and they were all "Ohhh" "Thats fast"...
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    Next project: Tamiya Tundra Highlift

    So I am interested in getting and building this unit. I have built planes, and I upgraded and worked on my slash. I figured I would give rock crawling a chance and see what its about. I like scale...
  11. Anyone have the HPI Mini Trophy Ivan Stewart version?

    How do you like it and how does it perform?
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    RE: 3.8 Hard Compund Tires for Bashing

    I just ordered the Trenchers for my slash, I hear they make a big difference from the stock tires I currently have.
  13. RE: The Official Traxxas Slash short-course race truck

    Heres my Slash with a custom body:
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    RE: Duratrax evader D

    Thanks, I like the little truck look and I was looking for one but seems I will need to find something else. I am suprised it didn't do well since I saw some decent reviews of it and it wasn't on the...
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    Duratrax evader D

    Anyone know if the dt is offered anymore? I can't seem to find it anywhere and I didn't think the truck was that old. I did find a used one but I was looking for new
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    RE: Duratrax tires

    I am running a slash 4x4 over a wide range of surfaces, I mostly bash. I was looking to get a decent tire with good traction for all sorts of stuff that I can put black rims into.

    I am assuming...
  17. RE: Need to go faster! Ofna LX1e / Mamba Monster

    Do you have pictures of the carnage? Where are you running it at, on your street?
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    RE: Duratrax tires

    No one has any opinions or input for me?
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    Duratrax tires

    What do you guys think of the Duratrax tires for a slash? Is there a good replacement tire out there if I am looking?
  20. RE: lol, you guys aren't gonna believe this...but...(revealed! Page 4)

    I feel robbed! You know I figured foxy would look like this. He looks European. Foxy let us know a real review of it
  21. RE: New Slash 4x4 owner with some Shock and battery questions.

    Fahrt since you know so much about this truck why does mine shimmy when I go in reverse? It tracks straight no problem but backing up fast causes it to shake back and forth.
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  22. RE: lol, you guys aren't gonna believe this...but...(revealed! Page 4)

    I still say summit or the xo1. That xo1 is pretty cool
  23. RE: lol, you guys aren't gonna believe this...but...(revealed! Page 4)

    Well said Foxy, you explained yourself great and I understand your position on it. Heck even I wished the price was a little lower on my Slash but I am happy with it for now and getting fun out of...
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    RE: How often do you lose body clips?

    I agree for my nice body but my basher is beat so the look isn't so important as the function.
  25. RE: lol, you guys aren't gonna believe this...but...(revealed! Page 4)

    You bought a summit

    Why don't you like Traxxas? I have a slash and I really like it. I kow most people don't like products based on past experience but what happened with your last traxxas that...
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