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  1. RE: Nutech Racing USA Closing Down

    Chad knows nothing about RC and has no ambition to continue importing the RC last we talked. I guess there is still talk of a close friend buying the remaining inventory and possibly continuing the...
  2. RE: Nutech Racing USA Closing Down

    Thanks guys, like ramtech said making money is nice :-) plus I get paid for the hours I'm there unlike being self employed I put in a lot of extra hours that just don't pay out. Like most hobbies...
  3. Nutech Racing USA Closing Down

    I've been offered a new job I couldnt pass up so its time to put the importing and distributing on hold for a while. Still have product in stock but we wont be importing or restocking anything new.....
  4. RE: Anyone tried the integy snow tracks on 5B?

    That would be cool to convert one of those large scale dritbikes..

    Tons of drag until I reconfigured them and I was getting tired of the tracks constantly locking up so I decided to try one...
  5. Hurrax Crypton With Kold Kutter Studs on the Ice

    Had some fun the studs out on our frozen lakes....
  6. RE: Anyone tried the integy snow tracks on 5B?

    Here some video in dirt and snow :D. I ran into a problem running them up front, when you turn they like to pack with snow and lock up, same with dirt, sand, gravel ect.

  7. RE: Anyone tried the integy snow tracks on 5B?

    Its not the way I would designed the tracks but these are the only ones available so I had to work with it lol. Those front top pullies is how you adjust the track tension. I wish they would have...
  8. RE: Anyone tried the integy snow tracks on 5B?

    Thanks guys,
    I don't think tracks were really meant for performance, weather your running 2 or 4 these are a ton of rotating mass. Even with skis up front the rear will sink in deep snow and drag...
  9. RE: Anyone tried the integy snow tracks on 5B?

    I have 2 sets on my Nutech TB III, so far the tracks seem ok. I ran it a couple of times and managed to bend a few of the side links hitting small rock and such but all in all they are pretty...
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    RE: Power Jam 2012 - Buzz Shots

    :-) Nice shots Len the Hurrax look great, it's always nice to see something other then HPI lol. The tracks look awesome as usual, I see they changed up the offroad track and also ran it backwards...
  11. RE: 8x8x8 all terrain vehicle? Ideas wanted.

    Found this MCD 8x8, now this would be a cool project with some slow crawler gears :-)...

  12. RE: 8x8x8 all terrain vehicle? Ideas wanted.

    Yes it's basically the same diff setup accept he used the stock diff boxes and used 2 fronts to allow the drive shaft output on the rear of the box as well as the front.

    4 wheel front steering...
  13. RE: 8x8x8 all terrain vehicle? Ideas wanted.

    Not sure if you saw this or not but Nigel from Freepawn made a custom gas 6X6 last year that turned out pretty dam cool, all you would have to do is add another diff to the front :-)..

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    RE: Nutech 5SC Build

    Nice tear down pwaicon, as for the new hub bearings I've been running my TB III and TB II brushless electric with the nylon spacers since the end of last season and still haven't seen and wear to the...
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    RE: New Wheels for my Redcat XB

    Those Nutech wheels/tires look great on your Redcat buzzard :-), Nutech makes those wheels in different offsets as well.
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    RE: Turnigy Titian 1/5 scale 4X4

    From the picture it looks like you have the splined drive cups for the center differential which will not work with the Nutech center locking differential, you will need the center drive cups as well...
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    RE: Turnigy Titian 1/5 scale 4X4

    Yes that was me, I just wanted to make sure you knew we had Jetpro pipes which were designed for these Nutech on-road and off road vehicles. As for the pipe you ordered it was under the monster...
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    RE: Turnigy Titian 1/5 scale 4X4

    No, Hobby King just has Smartech put there own name on them which turns out to be Turnigy for whatever reason lol, they come right from Smartech so they are not clones of the Smartech just older...
  19. RE: FTX Destroyer wheels on an FG?

    The only difference if there is would be the offset, other then that they use the same square drives :D
  20. RE: What to use instead of 2 stroke oil?

    I know of a few guys that run Kerosene in there Baja's but I do believe they still dumped a little 2 stroke oil in with it.
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    RE: Shoot em!

    I see a lot of nice pictures filled with lots of nice RC :-), I love taking pictures the only problem is I have to many in to many different places lol its time to start organizing.

  22. RE: Custom Aftermarket Drive Shafts

    Thanks Darkfire I sent Zoni a email so I will have to wait and see what they say :-)....

    Brandon I have been looking at other manufactures the only problem is I haven't found any that will fit,...
  23. Custom Aftermarket Drive Shafts

    Looking to find the best aftermarket company to make some bullet proof drive shafts, I did some digging around on the net and found a few but I figured I would post on here as well because I know you...
  24. RE: Kalee Belt Driven 4WD Picture Heavy!!!

    I do have the alloy boxes for sale on the site, these are the same boxes as what fits a HPI so any of the aftermarket HPI ones will work....
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    RE: Is it me or...

    +1 I dread having to work on my Kalee which is realy similar to the HPI chassis but with even more components lol, they sure know how to pack 10lbs of sh** into a 5lbs bag :-).... Out of all the 1/5...
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