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  1. RE: The mini everyone has always wanted, losi 1/14th 8ight

    My fave 2s pack are these ......

    I dont run 3s but I have heard...
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    RE: Decent car for a 10 year old?

    Depending on the price difference you may be better off getting the brushless car instead , it has a better radio and better motor system IMO , and for a beginner I think the Mini E REVO would be...
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    RE: need help identifying this buggy asap!

    That looks like the original body and there is a Sportwerks logo printed above the front window , could be a Sportwerks Mayhem ....
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    RE: Brushless Losi XXL?

    Losi used to sell a conversion too make an LST1/Aftershock into an LST2 but you would still need the longer chassis plates and the center driveshafts .... Basicly you would need a chassis , center...
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    RE: Brushless Losi XXL?

    I have a brushless LST2 and its a freakin monster to say the least , lots of power on 4s no need to run 6s IMO unless you are running a low Kv motor .

    I used the Losi conversion and it went...
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    RE: Out of Stock on Everything???

    Ok , its 6 weeks later and still no planes or replacement parts ? :( I would have bought 2 or 3 of the planes on the website if they were in stock .........
  7. Thread: info wanted...

    by KRO

    RE: info wanted...

    From what I can remember it is designed kinda like an RC18T but it was kinda fragile unlike the RC18 . Good luck getting any parts for it as they havent been made in quite a while now .......
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    RE: Losi 8eight or losi mini sct?

    The Mini 8ight is an awesome little buggy IMO , probably the best handling mini on the market . I am only a tick slower with it than my B44 .

    There are bodies for it from a company called Phat...
  9. RE: The mini everyone has always wanted, losi 1/14th 8ight

    I would use the marine grease and pack the diff pretty full , also use some medium (blue) thread lock on the screws for the diff drive cups .

    Here are some pics of my Mini 8ight .....
  10. RE: World class short course truck - Durango DESC410r

    Little slow on the draw there Sheograth ? These trucks have been out for quite some time now .
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    RE: need an opinion on sct

    The SCTE is fast becoming the most reliable 4x4 SCT outta the box , there were issues with the first run but they have all been updated and the bugs worked out . The Jammin is a good truck but has a...
  12. RE: Should I get a Losi 8IGHT-T or CEN Matrix TR3???

    Nope , their website is still up ?

    I would get the 8ight T no doubt ! Parts will be easier to find and its a proven platform that is very reliable .
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    RE: My Losi Ten-T Electric Conversion BuilT thread

    Why do you have the fan mounted outside of the ESC ? And its blowing the wrong way in case you didnt know .......
  14. Thread: Losi's Ten SCTE

    by KRO

    RE: Losi's Ten SCTE

    Castle is releasing the MMP with the 1410 and it will have a 5mm shaft on the motor as well .
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    RE: Traxxas 1/16 Kyle Busch VXL

    Agreed , the Traxxas minis are the best mini cars on the market right now and with the newer street cars they have reworked the spring rates so they handle pavement a lot better than the Slash VXL ....
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    RE: TEN- SCTE or SC10 4x4?

    I would say the Losi is the better choice for you , as Sheograth said the SC10 4x4 is a bit more delicate than the Losi is and the drive line is much more complicacted than the Losi . I like the SCTE...
  17. RE: Best Electric RC For Large Athletic Field With Short Grass

    What are you looking too spend ? You already have a 2WD Stadium Truck and a brushless Slash so why not try something different ? I would look into E 1/8 scale like an E REVO or Savage Flux or maybe...
  18. Thread: Soldering irons

    by KRO

    RE: Soldering irons

    That Weller 100 watt station looks like a deal ! Might have to pick one of those up [8D] I am using a Weller 100/140 gun and I like it its a little big but once you are used to it it solders great ....
  19. RE: Best 1/10 4x4 buggy for pro racing with no budget?

    The B44 when built right is a great car , that Kyosho is also decent . But I agree with TBJ and kaiser01 , if you have the money give the Durango DEX 410 a shot . Unless TLR releases a 4WD .......
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    my latest body .....

    Here is some pics of my latest body ....... All paint ecept above the windshield and the side fin/number plates .
  21. Thread: 1/8 buggies

    by KRO

    RE: 1/8 buggies

    Any one of those could be a winner depending on your driving skill .
  22. RE: Building a 1/10 Electric Truggy - newbie needs advice

    3s will be too much for that motor , and I would look for a higher rated pack than that 25c rating as those batteries might not keep up with the demand of that system . Everything else looks good but...
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    RE: Why you should always look before you leap !

    Thanks for the kind words guys , I was marshalling at the end of a long straightaway with a sharp righthander and somebody clipped the pipe and went on their lid and I jumped out to get his truck and...
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    Why you should always look before you leap !

    Got this while marshalling truggies at a local club race , believe it or not it isnt broken ! But it still hurts like hell ! :(
  25. RE: EZRUN Brushless System Combo B4 w/ 60A ESC and 5.5T@6000KV New Issue

    I had to do the same thing , been running with it turned off for 2 years now .
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