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    RE: racing rig!

    Can you still get these bodies?
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    RE: King Hauler

    I know this is an old thread but I was hoping to pick some brains:D

    I have the King Hauler, really like it[8D] One thing bugs me a lot about it though and I wondered if anyone knew of a fix.
  3. RE: "OFFICIAL" Redcat Racing 1/8th BUGGY thread (not truck thread)

    Yeah they are all mine, it's my site.

    I have driven other buggies, and to be honest they have al been easier to drive. This buggy is very light and a little tail happy, but the stock engine...
  4. RE: "OFFICIAL" Redcat Racing 1/8th BUGGY thread (not truck thread)

    Make sure you are logged in on the main site here and it should work fine:D

    Yes, its the same buggy
  5. RE: "OFFICIAL" Redcat Racing 1/8th BUGGY thread (not truck thread)

    Whoops, forgot to add the race video


    It won't work unless you are a site member though, to help protect bandwidth
  6. RE: "OFFICIAL" Redcat Racing 1/8th BUGGY thread (not truck thread)

    I'd like to offer my help to anyone in the UK with this buggy.

    Known as the Speed Bazooka of the Kimax Rally X here.

    I raced at my club all season with a stock Kimax RallyX and only...
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    RE: 1/16th Nitro Buggy

    I have had one for a couple of weeks,

    You can view much better images of it here RcKingdom

    I will be adding more details to my site once testing is complete:D
  8. RE: 1/8 Bazooka "Inferno clone" Buggy - Honest feedbacks only!

    I own and race a Speed Bazooka (Kimax Rally X in the UK). This is the first buggy I've owned and raced, and here are my thoughts on it after 5 race meetings and a spot of jumping:D

    The stock...
  9. More info on this Hovercraft please

    I brought this second hand at a carboot sale in the UK.

    I would like to know anything about this model please, such as pictures, spares, websites etc. I have a good knowledge of rc Hovercrafts...
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    RE: Police Hovercraft

    It is a modified version of the Griffon 2000. You can get the plans for that model here

    The chassis is as per plans, but all the upper deck is modified.

    In case you missed it the complete...
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    RE: Police Hovercraft

    Here is a new video of it running on water for the first time.

    Hope you enjoy it:D
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    RE: Kyosho Windrush 2 Kit

    Shame that, because I was waiting to hear some views on this product too[:o]
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    Police Hovercraft

    Just wanted to show my latest Hovercraft to the wider world:D Although not finished, it is functional and I am very excited about it and cannot wait to get it finished.

    It is based on the...
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    RE: running motors underwater?

    Thanks for the replys,

    Like you said, back to the drawing board then[:o] I will have to see what my LHS has in stock, with regards to prop shafts.

    Thanks for the advise;)
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    running motors underwater?

    Due to the design of a new boat I am making, it would be much better for me to mount some stock 540's under the waters surface. These will be fully submurged during running.

    Will this cause any...
  16. RE: First build need a little advise

    Because it really was its first ever run:) didn't fancy losing it to the Thames first time out:D

    I wouldn't be able to change the prop to gain more speed, but I do have a bucket load of spare...
  17. RE: First build need a little advise

    Its all built now guys, you can see it here AirBoat running for the very first time on the River Thames. There is a video link at the bottom of the page.

    Please let me know what you all think....
  18. RE: First build need a little advise

    Thanks for the help guys;) Hopefully it will be up and running in a couple of weeks.

    I will definitely get some video when complete[8D] I have already started planning my second airboat (twin...
  19. First build need a little advise


    I have been into rc trucks since day one, but just recently I have got the bug for boats (bigtime). I have decided to build an airboat as my first scratch build as I have some plans and it...
  20. RE: Thinking of leaving cars for boats

    I am thinking about this too:-

    I brought a Ripmax Tomkat and found it to be great fun and relaxing at the sametime. I now own a Traxxas Villian EX and that really rocks! I am glad I have 2 boats...
  21. RE: Newbie Questions Just bought my first boat

    Out board is a dummy. The motor is at the front of the boat with the shaft running full lenght inside.

    I have some external images here:- tomkat I can get some internal if anyone is still...
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    RE: Wild Dagger Hop-Ups

    I have made my Dagger into a crawler, I also have videos of it in action!
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    RE: Official Rock Crawling Thread

    Very similar. I also used 2 battery packs for racing with the 20t pinions and duel escs. I just cable tie the second battery to the top of the chassis and mount the 2 escs and receiver on the side of...
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    RE: Wild Dagger Crawler

    Thats about it, but it takes them well.

    It has:-

    2x magnetic mayhems
    1x no limits ese
    2x mod shock towers
    4x 4" ali shocks
    1x hitec 645mg steering servo
    1x nice shell ;)
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    RE: Wild Dagger Crawler

    Heres a picture Dirk Digler.

    The video is worth a watch, if you can[8D]
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