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    RE: injury topic forum

    I have to agree. On occasion there are threads started by members that have had an accident. These threads are designed to help other modelers from doing what they did. As for having a forum, I...
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    RE: how to fix this?

    You can make new pieces and glue the new to the old. You will then need to bond the new into the old with some bracing. you will need to make some plywood strips the width of the leading and trailing...
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    RE: Scale Contest

    Scale competion is the love of the sport only and not flying. Contest's are very limited on the flying aspect with only 3 or 4 flights in a weekend. They can be very boring sitting around for hours...
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    RE: Shopping list for Nitro planes?

    Needed for sure, Fuel, fuel pump or fuel bulb, glow plug battery and clip, basic tools, and a chicken stick. Nice to have, spare props, electric starter and 12 volt battery, flight box, spare glow...
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    RE: Tail rotor

    If you are talking about a helicopter, I would have to say yes. I would think it could be a balance issue, not to mention a safety issue if it comes apart while spinning. Hope this helps, Dave
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    RE: charging battery

    I am thinking the charge time would depend on what battery you are charging. Is it a radio battery or an engine battery? I think we need some more information. Thanks Dave
  7. RE: Removing stuck-on pigment from surface of MonoKote

    You are most welcome. Good Luck with your new plane, Dave
  8. RE: Victor D. Damiani Aviation enthusiast and modeler

    My thoughts and prayers be with you during these trying times. Dave
  9. RE: Removing stuck-on pigment from surface of MonoKote

    You can use the Monokote trim solvent which will take it right off. Another option is to take it outside away from any open flames and use acetone. Good Luck, Dave
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    RE: Assembly propeller

    The existing hole on the prop should be centered. If you need to enlarge it for your motor, you can use a prop reamer and and then the hole will still be centered. At this point in time you can...
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    RE: tower.46 nitro engine

    Also check the location of the clunk in the tank. If it is stuck up against the back of the tank, you will not get all the fuel out and the engine will die. Good Luck, Dave
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    RE: glue problems

    Not sure what your problem is, but I usually use a torch to melt of the wax on the surface and then use CA to glue it all together. It works great. Good Luck, Dave
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    RE: Classic Rudder rookie mistake

    If it is only a slight bit of center, I am thinking I would fly it and fix if needed. A little trim might just do the trick. Good Luck, Dave
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    RE: Washington State RC

    I am in southern WA, and while we do get our share of rain, I also get in my share of flying. During the winter months, we get a lot of clear days with sunshine, just cold. Nothing a few jackets...
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    RE: sloppy aileron

    You can also get a syringe from you local hobby shop that comes with different size tips.You can then mix up some 15 or 30 minute epoxy, warm it up with your heat gun and inject the glue into your...
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    RE: Avistar set up

    I happen to think that the Great Planes CG machine is great. It allows you to set it up at exactly the desired measurment from your plans and or instruction book. It is one of those tools that is not...
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    RE: what easy tame plane for fun?

    The 4 Star gets my vote as a can't miss kinda plane. It is fun to fly and it does what you want it to do when you want it to do it. Good Luck, Dave
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    RE: Four Star 40 trim question

    The quick fix is to add a little weight into the nose. Once the plane is built, it is a real bear to be adjusting the incidences on the tail or the wing. Making the plane a little on the nose heavy...
  19. RE: Your best building blunders! em' here.

    I built a really nice tail dragger and and instead of putting the fuselage doublers on correctly, I installed them so that I had left thrust on the firewall. I took it a step further and never caught...
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    RE: New Moderators

    I have not seen them announced yet. It usually takes a couple of weeks and I do know that the Moderator that appoints the new mods is in Ohio for the Toledo Show. It may take another week or so....
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    RE: Broke my Corsair

    Speed is your friend, both for take off and landing. Good Luck, Dave
  22. RE: Support the Little Man (LHS or Online)????

    I am a strong supporter of my local shops. I have 4 or 5 to choose from and 3 of them are real close or cheaper than mail order pricing. If they do not have what I want, I can get it in less than a...
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    Poll: RE: Do you put a pilot in your cockpit

    I have to agree with the empty cockpit looking bad in flight. Nothing worst than a fully loaded scale plane flying by with an empty cockpit. I put a pilot in every plane that I have that has a...
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    RE: Four Star 120 canopy

    I am thinking the bestt place to get one is from SIG. I do not know of any after market companies that make them. Good Luck, Dave
  25. RE: Accessories and gadgets that you love or hate

    I just love my Great Planes Hinge slot cutter, the power plane, all my bar sanders, 6 inch to 22 inch, the centering tool, and my Midwest miter box and saw. The one tool that was a big bust was the...
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