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    RE: sh .18 vs. vx .18.....

    Yeah I don't know what that was about. I believe the Sh.18 engine is very tough. The part he is saying about going rich to lean while idling seems a little out there, but then again could be...
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    RE: Traxxas Shocks on Volcano S30

    Yes good idea, would miss the 8 shocks though, it's apretty cool feature of it. Maintenance is part of the hobby and think it's one of the good parts of it. I've dealt with restraightening shocks and...
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    RE: Redcat and Houston hobby shops

    Yes with my LHS it seems talking about Redcat or it's SH engine almost seems like I'm getting into a political discussion. I know Traxxas is everywhere and Iuse their tires on my Volcano S30 but...
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    RE: Shockwave Wheels

    I don't own a Shockwave but a Volcano S30 and have replaced mine with Traxxas Talons. I don't believe the traction is better but the plastic is of a higher quality. Maybe check for something that...
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    RE: X 4.6 weaknesses

    I've had my Savage for 3 weeks now, and with only 7 tanks throughmine, ithas held up. Done some cartwheels and jumps not beyond 6' high and the stock servo has held up.
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    RE: Which Redcat?

    Yes, grass isn't an issue for most Redcat MT's. I'm a nitro guy myself and have the Volcano S30, but the Caldera sounds like the best bet.
  7. RE: Tornado S30 Transmission/Differential Broken?

    Great you got it going. Did you loctite all your other grub screws? The same thing can happen.
  8. RE: Tornado S30 Transmission/Differential Broken?

    He's talking about the the gear in the transmission. The one you set the gear mesh with, it's in the middle of thebuggy.
  9. RE: screw came lose from shockwave not sure where it goes

    To be sure, take off the fuel line and try starting it. It may runa fewseconds without it on when there is fuel left.
  10. RE: screw came lose from shockwave not sure where it goes

    It should be ok but I would be more worried about leaving some fuel in the engine. Rust can occur quickly unfortunately. Also check your fuel lines to make sure that fuel inside hasn't turned to a...
  11. RE: screw came lose from shockwave not sure where it goes

    Good to hear you got it together. Send some pics of it running here. Thinking of buying a Shockwave myself soon.
  12. RE: screw came lose from shockwave not sure where it goes

    I've used smaller hex keys in that area. It's tricky and takes a while sometimes. Make sure they are of good quality, if you strip a screw it'stough to get it out. Was maybe going to mention try...
  13. RE: screw came lose from shockwave not sure where it goes

    It will cause all kinds of tuning issues if you don't get it tight. Don't use more than 1 gasket. Possibly try to spray the hole with an air compressor or can of air. Even if a few grains of sand are...
  14. RE: tornado S30 help...I broke something?

    My best situation is putting it upside down and takingall the screws out. It can be done with just the 4 screws on the tranny. It is hard to get the dogbones in place that way, but can be done. If...
  15. RE: tornado S30 help...I broke something?

    Yes, it doesn't have one. I'm too used to my one speed Volcano. It does sounds likea differential but it should still move even if that is the case unless it is both which would be...
  16. RE: tornado S30 help...I broke something?

    Possibly, could be a very loose slipper clutch. Is that tightened down?
  17. RE: Tricks and Tips to keep your Redcats running!

    It is Winter here so I haven't been out at all running mine, but I'm getting antsy. One other tip that is common is paint the dogbones a bright color so when you have a wicked tumble or landing...
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    RE: Anyone Own a Savage X?

    I plan on making the plunge and getting a new Savage X 4.6. Will most likely go for the pull-start version at my lhs. Are there any spare parts that I should immediately purchase for this truck. I'm...
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    RE: New tires for Caldera 10e?

    I have a Volcano S30 nitro, I agree that the traxxas talons work great for these models.
  20. RE: Tricks and Tips to keep your Redcats running!

    I have the volcano S30. Something I found is that my battery pack inside my receiver box would cause the on-off switch housing to break after a hard roll or jump. I use a piece of styrofoam and mold...
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    RE: Nitro Engine Troubleshooting and Tuning

    Thought I'd revive this thread a bit. I got my Volcano s30 in the beginning of Summer, and had it tuned perfectly imo. I was using a medium tempplug after the initial stockone went out. Now that the...
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    RE: Love my S30!

    That'll do it, around here we have bouldersthat they useas landscaping that I drive within a meter or so from. I did nick one and I mean just nick and itpulled the muffler off, probably could be...
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    RE: tire won't come off

    The removal of the drive cup is still a work in progress. The screw is out, have tried vice grips and pulling hard, just not hard enough evidently. Wanted to save the cup but maybe not now. Might...
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    RE: Redcat Racing Volcano Thread

    Yeah they are great for that. I would like to find a gravel pit or such to bring mine to or something similar. My son has built a bmx track on landwhere he's at and can't wait to try it out with the...
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    RE: Volcano S30 Questions

    Watched the video, that has some wicked low end. A wheelie bar wouldn't even tame that, have to strapsome lead weights to calmit down a bit lol.
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