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  1. RE: Look at me! I have no idea what I'm doing!!!

    Wow that was scary. I guess you haven't touch it since, cause you look like you was in a permanent state of shock and scared all balled up in one.

    Have fun but be careful
  2. RE: Official HPI website release Of 5B SS KIT What do you think!!

    I don't think the price will be that at retail outlets.
    If it is then good luck getting people to pluck down that kind on money.
  3. Official HPI website release Of 5B SS KIT What do you think!!

    Well HPI has officially released the new 5B SS Kit on their website. Looks really nice.
    Do you think or would you buy the RTR and do the hop ups yourself.

  4. RE: thinking abou getting a projector TV

    I made my living room into a home theater really sick. I currently have an optoma H31, 110" screen (time to upgrade to H72) and looking to get a 360.

    About the wire you could try L-Com they make...
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    RE: Check out this wheel dyeing result

    Sorry but that does not make any sense.............Black dye and boiling water result in orange color wheels[sm=drowning.gif][sm=spinnyeyes.gif]
    The only rims I know that can dye is...
  6. RE: Please help me with break-in! Idle through 3 tanks?

    Hey Carsglore

    Looks like this is your first nitro.......Glad to hear you got it working.......I had similar issues when I started years ago. I was mostly into 5th scale but got into nitro.
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    RE: the best bashing truggy

    Like how much cheapish.......................
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    RE: Hows the mantis?

    Um....I don't have any feedbacks but these people do.....
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    RE: best engine under $225

    Never mind...........:eek:
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    RE: Temp guage

    I have this one, I got it from harborfreight. Most of the brand snobs might say its garbage but it works really well
    I test it against the odonell, the blue duratrax and my react and it gave the...
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    RE: Official Hyper ST thread!!

    Here is thread that I think will answer your question......
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    RE: Can you Believe this??

    Yea I know how you feel bro..........Me and my brother are building a sound system for DJing and we went to a store and spend over $2500
    we ask the manager guy if he could throw in couple cables...
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    RE: Can you Believe this??

    Truth be told..............They are not crazy and don't have to give you anything not even the $25.00 off
    Yes it would be awesome to get a nice discount for spending that kind of money.
    Best bet...
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    RE: I'm Back and better than ever

    Nice rig you got there, keep us updated with pics and video when you finish that beauty.:D

    BTW............ What power plant you got in there..........?
  15. RE: My journey into the Large scale.

    Congrats man....

    You were patient, persistent, know what you want, and it all works out for you. I'm really happy for you.

    BTW what kind of radio do you have. I guess its the stock radio,...
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    RE: Jammin at the races

    Its at gun hill road right next to the Bronx river parkway. If you take 95 north and exit gunhill drive all the way over to olinville ave make a right.

    I haven't done any flying for some time...
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    RE: Jammin at the races

    Yeah ehroof......

    It is some what run down cause technically its a city park but they let us use it. Also when it rains it gets a bit swampy.
    Now the parks dept looks like they gonna be doing...
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    RE: Jammin at the races

    Wow that sucks.[X(] You need to move further east :D

    We have a track (not too big but good size) and you could never meet a more humble set of guys. We help each other out with parts if you...
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    RE: Jammin at the races

    I love to hear things like this, getting the kids involve. Everyone having fun and helping each other out.
    This is how its supposed to be:D glad to hear fun was had by all.
  20. RE: 1/5 FireHammer MT VS 1/8 Monster GT got it Buggzy99, Or maybe those things the kids use to blow bubbles, but then again you have to buy soap lol
  21. RE: XRay XT8!!! They are shipping..........

    How is the parts support on these bad boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. XRay XT8!!! They are shipping..........

    Just got done poking around at amains notice its listed in stock.

    Here is the link
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    RE: New CEN Matrix TR video

    Nice video dude!!!!!!!!!!![8D]
  24. RE: Official GS Storm Sut thread!!!.........

    I have 2 hitecs for got the model but they run about $100 a pop. really good stuff.
  25. RE: Official GS Storm Sut thread!!!.........

    I have the nomadio react already so I really don't need a radio plus I have servos already.
    The funny thing is that the full RTR is less than the ARTR (90%assem) I will be getting the Full rtr and...
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