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  1. Hello Charley, I didn't see the links until too...

    Hello Charley, I didn't see the links until too late, besides a wider audience is always appreciated. Hope to get the engine for Christmas and will maybe pester folk for information sometime...
  2. Just ordered one! This is my first gasser...

    Just ordered one! This is my first gasser (phasing out glow). What are folks using for fuel lines, ? Tygon. Also re tank "bungs" are gas conversion kits available as I assume the rubber deal will...
  3. Many thanks for the reply. Provided the CDI...

    Many thanks for the reply. Provided the CDI battery can be placed anywhere the weight penalty is not too much of a concern. Does the CDI unit improve reliability? I've the NV is pretty reliable. Is...
  4. Hello...I also know this an old thread....maybe I...

    Hello...I also know this an old thread....maybe I should pm Whiskey29. Anyhow, very interested in NV. How does it compare and contrast with say the evolution 10cc. That requires an onboard battery....
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    Thanks Lionel, it was myself (and possibly...

    Thanks Lionel, it was myself (and possibly others?!) that requested the information. Glad to hear she flies well.

    What do you folks think of this petrol engine for the NS?...
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    RE: 3's & 500 watts

    You have 4amp hours. You will be demanding 45amps. 4/45= 0.0888889 of an hour. Multiply 0.089 by 60mins and you 0.089 hours is 5.3minutes. 5.3 minutes is 5mins and 20sec.

    Given that you cannot use...
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    RE: What does this mean?

    I would say not. Your power supply can supply 12vx1.5= 18watts. Call it 15 due to heat loss.

    You are asking for 9.6v x3a= 28.8watts.

    With 15watts charging a 9.6v battery you will only manage...
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    RE: HV servos with stock RX??

    I too use the Futaba R617FS. I am going to be building a .40 size plane with digital servos. Probably more an exercise on how to do it but I was going so I can scale it up for larger planes....
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    RE: Battery charging help lipo

    Can you cycle the lipo with that charger? Alternatively use the lipo gently, take it down to say 3.5V then try balance charging. See if that is an easy fix" 
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    RE: 6v receiver pack

    I would have to remove the back cover of the Tx, unplug the battery from the Tx (there is not enough space to fit a charge port). Over time this would losen the pins the battery connects to in the...
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    RE: 6v receiver pack

    For the moment eneloop nimh sanyo are my preference for the transmitter. I would have to remove a life to charge. I would however like the ability life offers regarding a fast charge. However the...
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    RE: Storage of Lipo / size


    You can test each cell's voltage by probing the balance port with a voltmeter.

    I was just thinking that the smaller an object is the greater its surface area is in relation to its...
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    RE: Urgent LiPo help!

    The lipo might be okay- watch it carefully when charging. What vehicle will it be used in?<div>Those are bullet connectors. ?3mm</div>
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    RE: 6v receiver pack


    Hello, read hangtime hobbies. Get whatever batteries you want from there. </p>


    Sanyo eneloop are not recommended for most receiver uses. Their amp output is not that great and...
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    RE: I ruined my Lipo

    Some advocate soaking in a bucket of salt water for a day. I always use a receiver battery seperate to the main power battery.&#160;<div>
    </div><div>Congrats on your flights</div>
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    RE: can someone explain lipo to me ?

    Erm most of the decent lipo chargers are NOT limited to 50w. In fact almost the opposite is true. I.e there are hundreds of sub 50w inaccurate chargers. Now most chargers over 500w are...
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    RE: series or parrallel?

    Not sure of the question. Connect the batteries so that the voltage x kv of motor equals approx 25-30k revs. I beleive selecting the best prop, balance and trim is more of an art.
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    RE: NiMH - Trickle

    It is not a big problem but it is a problem. I believe it can accelertate the degregation of the pack. Also if you have a small pack the "trickle" charge might be relatively more than a trickle!
  19. RE: charging a 4 cell Nickel metal on a charger set for 5 cel...?

    Not sure about the first question.

    I strongly suspect the wallwart will be fine.
  20. RE: I need help with managing my Mix of Rechargeable Batteries

    A .2C discharge would give you the most accurate capacity however if used in an application that demands 2Amps, for example, I would discharge at that rate to make it true to life. It is agreed that...
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    RE: Futaba charger won't fit T4YF

    It's a pretty easy job to make your own. I charge all my household stuff (drills, car batteries etc) with my smart charger. I therefore keep all the "wallwart" type wall transformer "dumb" chargers...
  22. RE: I need help with managing my Mix of Rechargeable Batteries

    Agreed- I was just stirring. In my opion Nimh eneloope in transmitter (lipo or life can trigger the voltage alarm and require them to be removed to charge). Life for Rx and ignition and retracts,...
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    RE: Charged battery acting dead

    1.2v is nominal voltage. Charged is higher. Look up charged voltage per cell of whatever chemistry you're using......
  24. RE: I need help with managing my Mix of Rechargeable Batteries

    On the other hand a flat discharge curve makes it difficult to monitor!

    Just playing devil's advocate!
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    RE: Charged battery acting dead

    It may be that the peak sensitivity of the charger is detecting a full charge when it is not. The first forming charge should be done by a dumb charger.

    Basically divide the capacity, 5000mah, by...
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