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    RE: Official Jammin X1CRT Thread

    have fun with it!
    hey all its me i finally got mine built and ready to race (already raced it, i killed the races though lol i had no practice be4)
    i will try to post pics
    it has a neon yellow...
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    RE: Official Jammin X1CRT Thread

    well you need the following for the kit
    engine (approx 300 or so)
    servos (the stock spektrum servos wont do) these are going to total you almost $200
    reciever (if you need to buy one, $80)
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    RE: Hot-Bodies 1:10th Truggy

    well that was just released not too long ago
    i havent seen any but they do look nice
    they are about $200 cheaper than the 8th scale truggies
    im not sure if its classified as a 1 10 truggy or 1...
  4. RE: Mayhem ST RTR stolen in East-Central IL (Champaign/Urbana area)

    i really hate it when people steal especially prized possensions which we all have spent tons of money on just to have some fun
    most of us cant spend a ton (me bein 15, this is very true) so u know...
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    RE: .21 or .26 for 1/8 scale Buggy?

    i agree with dawman and you also
    i have the same theory, 21 are lack in accel, 26-28 are lack in high end and in order to fix the lacking, for a 21, run a lowend pipe (jp-1, hardcoat for raceing)...
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    RE: ofna hyper 7 pbs w/ hyper 28

    120oz although for my buggy i use a hitec hi torque 181oz of torque because i race
    the stock that came with it was fine but after a while i needed a replacement
    yes ive heard that the servos they...
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    RE: Fuel from the glowplug? help please

    well be ready for the hobby because you will be spending money constantly
    i owe my parents over 2k lol im screwd
    and be patient and it could be a faulty engine which has happend to me be4
  8. RE: Bashing Sucks, racing is the only way to go

    same here
    if u cant race, bash, and the oposite
    if u have a rc and dont know where to use it, you got a problem
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    RE: i really dont want 2

    well if u race normaly on dirt tracks i would recomend cleanin it out
    its not hard at all man! i dont even have to take the liner out
    just get some sorta spray stuff (nitro clean etc) and spray...
  10. RE: What to do with an old weed whacker...?

    well u could find a large scale car/boat/etc that is just the chassis
    and you could custom mod it to your specs
    i dont know too much bout this stuff
    but i had a old homelite 25cc and the darn...
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    RE: rb 28 motor

    well u should be specific on which model
    the tm928 (7 port)
    and the tm 728 for the savage mostly (5 port i think)
    also a 28 will give u low end mostly so if u plan to get it put a top end pipe...
  12. RE: Need help on which engine and servos to buy for my Jammin CRT!

    well i have a nova rex p421b wich i didnt know about portage at the time i ordered it but still to my relief at the track i was tellin every one waht i got and they said it would do well.
    check out...
  13. RE: bad exsperience. i would like kit tips for the next time

    man i didnt think id get tese type of responses! thanks so much especialy to AA.
    muffin pan, check off steps, and the other things i didnt do
    man well if i ever build another kit, it will be the...
  14. bad exsperience. i would like kit tips for the next time

    hey all. i finnaly got my crt kit. $#@% was it hard! i mean everyone says its easy and im 15 and it was my first kit but im a little upset with myself because i am paying my friends alot of money to...
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    RE: You Want LARGE SCALE!?!?!?!

    LOL!! that is true!
    at first it seemed like a onroad go kart, but then i said, rc? man this would be the next big thing to hit the market
    but i dont want to know the price lol. that engine is...
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    RE: Losi 1/8 scale nitro buggy!!

    lol! aftershock? jeez whenever losi comes out with new releases they have like 3 new cars to release at once
    doesnt look bad but there still using the prototype and production asnt been announced
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    RE: FG or HPI?

    hpi might havfe some minor issues since there into the large scale for only a few months
    but it is cheaper than most models
    id wait for the new fg line to come out there really nice
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    RE: any pointers on the vulcan se?

    m11/spektrum would be the solution, great system
    i would wait until the xray truck comes out
    if team asociated came out with a 1/18 scale nitro buggy (18nb) id deffinantly buy it because i love...
  19. Thread: Tazer PRT

    by mayhem272

    RE: Tazer PRT

    looks impressive
    dont know about parts support
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    RE: lsp-r arr vs. jammin x1crt

    well if i were you id get the lsp
    1 u have parts support (even though its strong somewhere u might break somethin)
    2 its preassembled so not much time is needed to prep it (put ur radio gear and...
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    RE: down to 4 truggies...

    yea me too
    i suggest changin the servos because they may be weak (idk) but ask someone who owns one
    if u want a kit get a jammin (yes i read everyone has them, its true at my area too) and i have...
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    RE: My buds ST-R

    nice! love the paint job! too bad i cant do them!
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    RE: Race legal Kyosho ST-R engine?

    depends on where you run it
    since its a 28 it will have great lowend with a lowend pipe on it
    since it also has 8 ports it will have pretty good top speed
    i think im correct here
    in my crt i...
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    RE: The new Hellfire Pro Racer

    they are probably good to hook up on dirt tracks
    im not sure
    they look similar to the crimefighters
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    RE: Jato:worth it?

    the only thing is that the engine can be tricky to tune
    but id deffinenctly go with jato over a duratrax or ae
    i have one and im overhaulin it
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