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    i have the same truck, though i'm going a...

    i have the same truck, though i'm going a different route with it. my objective is to try and run it for as cheap as possible. so far so good! i got it used, barely, but really cheap. so i did a...
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    RE: tornando s30 engine problems

    If you keep flooding the engine you are over priming. Take the plug out and crank it til the fuel comes out. Take the fuel line off and pull it a few times then put it back in. Make sure your glow...
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    RE: air leak in my redcat sh 18

    Throw some gasket maker on it before getting a new engine.
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    RE: Lightning!

    Its basically the hpi rs4,which has an 18 stock, so that power should be pretty decent from the sh18. I like that engine, if my rs4s 18 goes I'll throw in the sh18 i have laying around. I wonder how...
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    RE: Redcat Motor Upgrade

    when i'm breaking in an engine, i get it started and adjust the low end to where its not spitting out fuel, but is still pretty rich. the second tank, the same thing, just giving it a slight amount...
  6. RE: RC controlled 1/10Th scale buggy's, truggys trucks and everything in between

    i'm not saying that i'm a hobby store owner, i am just repeating what several hobby store owners have told me personally. used to be a redcat dealer, and they pulled the plug...
  7. RE: RC controlled 1/10Th scale buggy's, truggys trucks and everything in between

    yeah that's what I'm saying though, the monetary perspective. my friends, it was great for them to get a cheap redcat to bash and crash and break and fix, but i think that redcat's fundamental flaw...
  8. RE: RC controlled 1/10Th scale buggy's, truggys trucks and everything in between

    I've always been into nitro, never did understand electric, but I guess with brushless, at least the power is getting there. and if you want to race, come to long island, ny :)<div>
  9. RE: Question on bumper/bumper mounts/skidplate

    i don't know why they separate them, but if the plastic isn't connected, it has a higher chance of moving aruond and not snapping. the rear is the worst design, definitely upgrade to aluminum on...
  10. RE: RC controlled 1/10Th scale buggy's, truggys trucks and everything in between

    around here, they are becoming less and less mainstream. there are a ton of hobby shops in long island, more than most places in america probably. there's at least 6 in my immediate area, that's one...
  11. RE: RC controlled 1/10Th scale buggy's, truggys trucks and everything in between

    i don't really have anything against redcat. i mean, i bought their product because i hadn't heard of the.. i didn't some research, heard some good and some bad, so i figured why not, i should be...
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    RE: what model revo do i have?

    looks like an extended chassis, so the 3.3 somethingorother.
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    RE: Compatible parts

    <span style="font-family: Arial;">any 12mm rims can work, its just that the knuckle design requires you to dremel the insides a bit sometimes.</span><div style="font-family: Arial;"></div><div><font...
  14. RE: RC controlled 1/10Th scale buggy's, truggys trucks and everything in between

    i've had an experience owning a redcat, and being the only experienced ex racer from 15 years ago, i worked on 3 other redcats. the quality in parts are really just inferior compared to hpi and...
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    RE: spun the teeth off my gear

    yeah replace the gear lol... sounds like you didn't have the gear mesh set right, or the engine came lose and moved. when you set it, take extra care to check both gears inside and out, cause the...
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    RE: rs4 3 flywheel .15

    i wanted to do that but the radio tray is in the way for me to put the brake in the front. i'm not trying to have him spend a ton of money on this car, i just want it to run right now. i know i'm...
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    RE: Wierd sound from engine?

    me and my friend both have evo's, and his makes that sound, but mine doesn't... his exhaust header actually came loose out of nowhere, so i tightened it down... maybe its an air leak from the gasket?...
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    RE: rs4 3 flywheel .15

    this is where i'm at right now. the flywheel thats on there is almost rubbing on the brake, so i'd like to get one that actually fits right, but i just wanted to get it running to see if the engine...
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    rs4 3 flywheel .15

    my friend bought an rs4 3 that came with the traxxas 3.3 installed....waaaaaay too much power it just kept doing lambo donuts until the front diff blew, and the rear dogbone twisted. it came with a...
  20. RE: Caldera: Cheap/Alternate BS903-019 Driveshaft?

    oh i'm sorry i htought that it had the same setup as the vortex/tornado, but it's setup like the shockwave, so it's not adjustable.
  21. RE: Will these clutch shoes work on a Caldera 3.0?

    only way you're going to know if if you try them... the problem could be engaging at a specific rpm depending on the sprint tension. you could engage too slow, or too fast, and it could stall or...
  22. RE: Caldera: Cheap/Alternate BS903-019 Driveshaft?

    just get some hpi dogbones. take one with you and size it up. if its a little big bring out the ball joints a few mm, if its too small, bring them in/fuel tubing.
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    RE: upgrade for vortex ss

    well, i tried the tires/wheels off the traxxas slayer, but they had too much grab for their height on concrete so the truck went flipping a lot. i ended up using shoe goo and fiberglass to reenforce...
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    RE: compatible parts for vortex ss?

    <span style="font-family: Arial;">alright, so... we had to move away from the redcats because these cars just don't hold up. i've never crashed my vortex, and its just a so so product at best. i...
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    RE: compatible parts for vortex ss?

    alright well, with another gallon through the 3 cars, i can say that these cars are pretty much worthless after about a gallon is through them. my friend's 30 is just eating itself. the differential...
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