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  1. RE: Breaking MBX5R Lower Front Arms

    Ive never seen that happen on with the Mugen arms before.... I guess i would suggest you try boiling them to soften them a little bit.
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    RE: lipo chargers...what to get?

    AdamW...... thanks for reminding me why i dont get on RC Universe very often...... what a clown you are:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: If i ran this forum id boot you sooo quick.
    I hope you know what a...
  3. RE: What KV motor for 1/8 buggy??? (newb question)

    Cool, i was planning on running a 2050KV on 4S.
    So what effect does different kV motors have? How are they different?
    Again sorry for the newb questions but i have to learn this electric stuff...
  4. What KV motor for 1/8 buggy??? (newb question)

    First of all.... i am very sorry for the newb question.... But I have always been a strictly NITRO guy, and now i am getting into electric.
    I am building a couple of 1/8 scale buggies (Xray XB808E...
  5. RE: XRay XB808E or Kyosho MP9E ?? Please help.

    Lol... that funny because i couldnt resist trying the Hyper 9E either ... I ordered one from Amain hobbies last week, It should be here any day now.
    I am going to use the Hyper 9e for bashing and...
  6. RE: XRay XB808E or Kyosho MP9E ?? Please help.

    Well... I decieded to go with the XRAY... I may pick up the Kyosho later because it does look like a real baddass buggy.
    The XRAY is just so beautiful, its irresistable, a real peice of art...
  7. XRay XB808E or Kyosho MP9E ?? Please help.

    Hi guys... been out of RC for a while now (about 2 years) and am looking to get back into it. I was always into Nitro only and had all sorts of MTs, buggys and Truggys.
    But 2 things i never had...
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    RE: OS Speed vs OS Speed II

    Don't buy one then:eek:

    Why do you think its such a bad deal? Its only $29.99 more than the original Speed.:eek: You COULD buy an original OS Speed (which cost $499.99), then buy the new...
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    RE: OS Speed vs OS Speed II

    Yeah, but it sure is nice looking.[8D] I love my original OS Speed.... but I'd pay the few extra dollars for that new peice of art work.:D

    BTW.... The only difference is a new cooling head with...
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    RE: Losi's new 1/10th Crawler

    :DNo....not even close.;)
    When in doubt, search here...or Google "rc dig unit"
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    RE: Where to get this part

    Switch to Maxx shafts or Revo shafts... BEEF[8D]
  12. RE: What Hitec throttle/brake servo? 1/8 Truggy

    I've BY FAR had the best luck with Hitec servos...ive had tons of them and they have all been absolutely flawless.
    But i only have experiance with the high-end Hitec servos...never tried any of the...
  13. RE: Custom crawler suspention setup questions.

    Extreme articulation will do nothing but put you on your roof and hurt performance in general. There is absolutely no need to have tons of articulation.....unless it is just "looks" you are going...
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    RE: Chrome Top v's Truggy Box

    Imo, the OFNA "Truggy" box is the best starter box currently avaliable.
    I love mine[8D]
  15. RE: Worth switching to memory foams???

    Well i guess i'll just have to try a set of memory foams and find out for myself ...they're cheap enough that if i dont like them i'll just toss em and go back to regular foams.
    Any suggestions on...
  16. RE: Official Team Associated RC8T thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive said it before, and I'll say it again.... THAT IS NOT THE Associated RC8T...
    That was built by Bill at BCE and is a completely custom job. It uses Kyosho, Mugen, Associated RC8 buggy parts,...
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    RE: The new J Concepts ROCK STEADY

    Not to hijack your thread but,
    How about those beadlocks.... I know ive seen them online, on one of the other forums, but would you be so kind to tell me where to get a set or two of those...
  18. RE: Worth switching to memory foams???

    So is there any clear difference or benefit of memory foams???
    If no is no real advantage to running memory foams...then i will just stick with what already works great:D...
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    RE: The new J Concepts ROCK STEADY

    Sweet[8D] I want 2 double cab versions..... really like the simple, sleek design.[sm=thumbup.gif]
    Nice ride Dezfan, that thing is absolutely sick[8D]... got any more pics, details, ect on it???
  20. Worth switching to memory foams???

    I was thinking about trying some of the Proline memory foams on my Scorpion crawlers (with Losi Rock Claws on both). Are they worth trying?, do they work well?, are there any negative things about...
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    RE: New Axial Scorpion ARTR

    Same here....I consider myself very into rockcrawling and i have not heard of this yet....
    Either way its real cool looking.... but is of NO interest to me at all, as i already have 2 scorpions...
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    RE: Should I continue with O'Donnell?

    All the Byrons Gen2 RACE fuel is the same....from "RACE RTR" to "RACE ProDriver " ... the only difference is the OIL CONTENT. So Byrons Gen 2 Race fuel varies from 9% to 16% oil, exactly like i said...
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    RE: No foam inserts?

    I just cut my stock foams into a star pattern... works great, plenty flexable[8D]
  24. RE: How to eliminate AX10 tourque twist!

    Dont really understand what you are trying to say??.... do you have a link to the vid??

    I have people get rid of torque twist by switching to a 4-link rear and putting one of the top links...
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    RE: Should I continue with O'Donnell?

    Not sure where you heard that about the oil content? But thats not right.........
    Byrons Race Gen2 Fuels range from 11% to 16% oil content;)
    It's the Byrons Race "ProDriver"Gen2 fuel that has a...
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