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    RE: Ready for Memorial Day

    Lol. Did he stay on, after eat n ground? That give me an idea about put n something on one of my bashers.
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    RE: Ready for Memorial Day

    I like the Spider Man on the roof. Lol. Keep it on its wheels or spiddy gets it!!
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    RE: ofna lx2 nitro

    Yes u can. I changed an ofna buggy I had way back. Into a monster truck. Well monster car. Lol. I bought a mustang body for it. A set of 40 series wheels/tires. With 17mm hex.( watch ur offset 50 %...
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    RE: axial exo leaking center diff

    No problems with mine.
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    RE: Buggy Help (Lx1e)

    Well. What there now? A slipper? Or a solid gear? Either way just for bashen, all will work. A slipper or diff is best.
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    RE: A cool little Slash project

    Wow. Nice work. Very sharpe. If u can get the front of the body to sit lower, it would b perfect. IMO. I did that to my slash 4x4. (Backslash).
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    Poll: RE: Which 4th RC should I get?

    I have a savage xs and an exo terra. I love thm both for diff reasons.
  8. RE: losi scte clicking sound while braking rear diff??

    I'm 100% poss. I drove a hole race seasone like that. So it's not the end of the world. But it does need replacing. It's only like a 40$ part. If I remember.
  9. RE: losi scte clicking sound while braking rear diff??

    Yep. It's the rear diff. Ur ring and pinion r shot. They r spiral gears. Forward well move ok. But wen u hit the brakes. It skips over the teeth.
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    RE: Removing thread lock

    For screw holes, I spray wd-40 in there and work a new screw in and out of the threads.
    Then use and solvent like nitro spray to clean away the wd-40
  11. RE: What

    I got one. But it's what my buddy did while I was up on the drivers stand. We just drove almost 2 hrs to a track. My buddy just did a
    Few practice laps with his losi scte truck. Pulled the truck...
  12. RE: Project Waterproof brushless trail truck

    Ok guys here's a vid of the Trail Terror.... Lmk what u guys think, ok? It was a simple project truck.
    But I love this thing. I'm a racer and brasher. I racing once a month , buggy truggy and now...
  13. RE: Project Waterproof brushless trail truck

    Ok guys. I think I got this photo bucket link stuff down. Lol.
    Take a look at project "Trail Terror". She's done.

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    RE: mamba monster vs tekin t8

    Where u going n to be run? Track or just around the yard. I run Castle stuff. The 2650 was super fast. Gave me great top end and high rpm's. but had to go to the 2200 for the track. The 2200 is my...
  15. RE: Project Waterproof brushless trail truck

    Ok. Hope this works. Link for wheels&tires tires for it.
  16. RE: Project Waterproof brushless trail truck

    Hehehe. Thanks. I fixed it. Should of had my lawyer look over my post first.
  17. Project Waterproof brushless trail truck

    Work n on making a waterproof brushless trail truck. Picked up a slash 4x4. And glint to die chassis black. 2.8 chrome rims and badlands tires. And Raptor body. Or Somthing like that. :D
  18. RE: Should I buy an Axial EXO Terra or not

    Love mine!! All I'm say n!!
  19. RE: How many cars do you take to the track?

    Wen I race I bring 2. I'll race two diff classes. With only one truck it's along day. Running in 2 class keeps thing moving along. Plus if
    For some odd reason I break and or something major goes...
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    RE: volcano pro problems.

    It sounds like either its over heat n or the low voltage cut off is coming on. Any more info will help
  21. RE: You have never seen a track like this!

    That does look crazy. But fun too!
  22. RE: Savage XS, Better tire choice..

    Lol the new tires r awesome. Tons of grip. It's about, 49 deg. The other day and it was pull wheelies on demand. There great! Even took
    A short vid. Just hit the ramps in the back yard.

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    RE: Love truggys?

    I guess I'll get this party started. My losi 8t. My GPS clocked it 44 mph with a LRP 21 motor. I just picked up another one. A roller off eBay. For 30 bucks and converted it to brushless. I racing...
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    RE: firestorm stalling problem

    Thats ur carb. not being open enough. So ever time u hit the brakes, it closes the carb to far and the truck shots off. Get ur throttle trim set to 0 and then then turn ur throttle screw on the carb...
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    RE: Identify Shocks - Help Needed

    They look to b old Ofna shocks. Even close to a hot bodies style. So go for the Ofna stand offs and from like and old Ofna Comp. or an MBX or LX. they should work.
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