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  1. Everyone knows the reputation of some of these...

    Everyone knows the reputation of some of these vendors. I recently ordered a 50mm Mini Viper from Banana Hobby, Ive heard horror stories from them as well. Fact is it came perfectly intact and very...
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    Good deal! Ive often wondered about flying off...

    Good deal! Ive often wondered about flying off the packed sand!
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    Ever consider a Habu 180 UMX? Cheap, parts are...

    Ever consider a Habu 180 UMX? Cheap, parts are cheap, and will give you the basic mechanics behind an EDF. It will let you practice and get used to having to keep speed up etc, also, very docile when...
  4. Dang, place is a ghost town nowadays.... Sad

    Dang, place is a ghost town nowadays.... Sad
  5. Changing Battery Connectors, need some guidance please!

    I am not new to flying or electric flight, but I am new to changing connectors. Up till this point most my electric models have had stock batteries or batteriea with the same connectors. Bought a...
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    Got my first EDF after about 15 years of...

    Got my first EDF after about 15 years of flying.....Only started with Electric parkflyers a few years ago. I absolutely agree. This E-Flight Habu UMX is so much fun I had to get 3 more batteries. My...
  7. Still for sale?

    Still for sale?
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    Habu 180 UMX Alternate Batteries

    I looked on the forums, but can't seem to find solid answers. Anyone have some info on good quality, higher maH batteries for the Habu 180 UMX? The eflight ones are pretty good, but I would like...
  9. New to FPV, Ned Some Guideance/ Help Please

    So, after a 2 year break from the RC Plane world I am back. I have about 10 years fling experience and recently(about 4 months ago) got back into flying. I enjoy the EPO/Parkflyer options nowadays as...
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    Coolest FPV I have ever seen!

    Just thought I would share, unsure if this is old or not, but cool none the less!
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    RE: Ripped Off By A Fellow Hobbyist.

    Think it is fair to mention, that nobody yet knows WHAT is inside the package that is currently floating around in limbo. Sure the pacakge is coming back, is the product smashed up, or even a...
  12. RE: 8'WS PBY-5 Vintage Plans Robert Sweitzer

    Worst part about this thread......I ran out of pictures to oggle at :) Excellent work, and I am jealous of your skill. Immaculate and clean work as well! Soooo, that being said.... if you could hurry...
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    RE: Fly Eagle Jet F-14 Crash (video)

    I don’t fly jets, Afraid of this exact issue (a crash period, regardless of the cause), and also because I can never justify spending 20,000 on a RC airplane. Not trying to be a bump on a log, but...
  14. RE: ALL US Navy Blue Angels 2013 shows cancelled

    I work on Naval weapons systems for BAE(British Aerospace Engineering), and the sequester has hit the private sector in my area HARD. There are many naval shipyards here and most low level shipyard...
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    RE: Hunter-Killer Prototype

    One negitive comment..... Why, WHY do I have to wait for more updates?![:@] Awesome build! A little confused as how well it will fly. Any info on design mechanics besides it being from a movie? Rear...
  16. RE: what weathering chalk or oils do you use??

    Anyone who has worked with anything where dissimilar metals are used(stainless and aluminum) knows that bi-metalic corrosion is a nightmare. Mixed with dirt and other basic outside conditions, some...
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    RE: Here Come The Feds

    What BeePee said ^ :).... definately calling bull on this one. Not to mention there is no way to prove it was a RC hobbiest flying a FPV aircraft/drone. All the,"Here come the consequences" guys are...
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    RE: might stop selling on ebay

    I may be wrong, but didn't Ebay buy Paypal, or vice versa a few years ago? I also sold a Great Planes Patty Wagstaff Extra 300(giant one) on Ebay. The buyer met me in person to pick the item up as a...
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    RE: No More Blue Angels ?

    I work on Naval weapon systems for B.A.E. Systems( MK45 5'/54, VLS, and MK38 Mod2 25mm cannons), With the budget cuts, I fear for my job. Especially with the sequestration crap and its effect on the...
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    RE: EASY TIGER Problems??

    I just got done reading through this thread, it's been some time since I have posted anything, however I have some input...
    It seems that a reasonable person would understand the thread...
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    RE: Hobby King turbine!

    Look, I am by no means a resident expert on turbines, or anything else for that matter...but here is what I DO know. Years ago, American fan boys had nothing better to do than bash Honda,Mitsubishi,...
  22. RE: Why don't many people build RC airplane kits anymore?

    Something that hasn't been mentioned yet, the Economy. My Father and his brother and father started back when RC was first coming around. They HAD to build thier planes, and his father made excellent...
  23. Blade MSR CNC Upgrades...Where to Buy?

    Does anyone know a good place to purchase CNC upgrades(frame, swashplate, etc) in a set instead of individually? I see the parts sold ala carte on ebay, but was wondering if anyone knows of a site...
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    RE: Scratch Build thread, PC9 Parkflyer

    2 things...
    Looks GREAT! Its nice to see someone building something other than a profile plane from Depron. Second, what plans are you using, or did you design them in CAD yourself? Tell me you...
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    RE: How Do you Organize yourHeli Stuff?

    I believe I gave 12-15.00 for it at walmart. Hope this helps!
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