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  1. RE: Your first time starting a nitro engine....

    Mine was the cox air plane too... I remember busting my fingers many many times starting that time my mom was like "shoulda bought the damn rockets)
    .nitro planes on a string lol good...
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    RE: os .21 tm not idling properly

    Here's a video of the pinch test ....

    Reset your needles to stock and go from there.
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    RE: os.21 tm not idling properly

    It's hard to say man with hearing .maybe try setting your neddles back to stock and go fom there .then do a pinch test
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    RE: os.21 tm not idling properly

    Nitro engines will idle longer then 15 but your probably a little rich and/or your idle screw needs adjusted (just asumming since you just finished break in)... But as far as idling goes they almost...
  5. RE: New motor in my savy .. What!! A .21 ?

    Here's a little clip from yesterday .. I was going to hit up this building site thinking since it was a nice Friday evening the workers would be done . Well, they stayed so stopped at this parking...
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    RE: motor for my t-maxx

    Yeah it's slowed down a bit.. I just started using a Mach 2.21 in my savage. It's only a gallon old but so far it's not leaky. I told myself I was going to seal it after a gallon but I'm just going...
  7. RE: New motor in my savy .. What!! A .21 ?

    Thanks .. That jeep body is a exceed hpi knock off my buddy gave me... Right after that clip I broke it bad lol .. Funny thing is ,it broke just doing wheelies I never even jumped it lol ...exceed smh
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    RE: motor for my t-maxx

    That losi 3.4 small block is a super powerful motor (it'll flip a savage) ... Then there's the dynamite mach 2 .19.... OS .18 or .21..RB has a motor..I know there's a few others I'm leaving out
  9. New motor in my savy .. What!! A .21 ?

    After a going from a losi 454 to this I was a little skeptic with this change,but after a little research I went ahead and pulled the trigger. I must say I was very surprised by the power this .21...
  10. RE: What

    Back in 2000 I had a nitro rs4 a with a brand new os cv-r .12 i break it in ran great damn near perfect BUT for what ever reason I wanted to make it louder SOOO I drilled a few holes in...
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    RE: Hobbywing EZrun Fan Problems

    My 120amp sc8 stays running . Some times grass will glog it up a bit and slow or stop it

    If its dead and you hobby shop don't have one .have a look at your local pc shop. I've replaced mine...
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    RE: What to do with $400?

    I'm prolly gonna get hated on but oh well lol .. Last time I had $400 to drop on a rc I ended up with a brand new 1/5 king motor baja clone for just under $400 shipped . Probably the best $400 I've...
  13. RE: Mamba Monster System into traxxas slash 4x4

    Sc8 speedo and mamba motor ...I was using a sc8 esc with a 2700kv ez run (comparable to mamba 2650) ... With stock gearing was geting about 45mph an a ton of torque on 3s lipo ... With my slipper set...
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    RE: Guess the screw game

    Roto start gear cover screw
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    RE: Baja question sorry need some help

    The exhaust is looks like the newer hpi exhaust (but who knows lol) ....that thing on the roof also comes on the sc an t models (hpi)but not the stock baja .so who knows about that part king...
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    RE: Looking for a Rear Wheel Drive OnRoad Car

    Go 1/5 scale 2wd
  17. Is anyone else excited about the kyosho scorpion xxL?

    Here you go guys idk if it's been posted up but I want it

    Sent from my iPhone
  18. RE: Getting a new engine for a baja 5sc on 250 budget.

    I love my cy gp290 can't beat it for the price ... I think I paid $220 shipped from ddm with the clutch .
  19. RE: Short video of my km baja with my new cy gp290

    :) jus ordered a killer bee super bee kill switch...woop woop . Now I'm shopping for a steering servo....I couldn't stop thinking about what if ... I've had a nitro runna way before lucky for me it...
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    RE: Worst Hobby Grade Rc you've ever owned?

    The losi mini-t(first ones)..I got mine when they first hit the stores. No bearings and the motor lasted a day. And the receiver/esc combo was pure trash.....
  21. RE: Short video of my km baja with my new cy gp290

    Stock gearing and can muffler. I'm getting a killswitch ASAP . Last week I was running with one of my receiver packs I made from a old traxxas pack and one of my solder joints came loose on landing...
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    Poll: RE: Savage XS or Slash 4x4?

    Mip hd cvds and a 1/8 motor esc combo powered by 4s lipo in a slash is crazy ... Jus sayin :D
  23. Short video of my km baja with my new cy gp290

    Here's a short video of my king motor baja at the park. My receiver battery was about dead so the steering was a little slow. I just finished the 2nd tank on the the motor. So far I'm loving the cy...
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    Poll: RE: Savage XS or Slash 4x4?

    I haven't had a xs or played wit one but I can tell u this . The slash/ped 4x4 platform can take a beating with rpm arms... Jus look on you tube at the beatings people put on there slashes ....
  25. RE: HPI Savage modified installed with Zenoah 23cc

    Freakin sweet yo
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