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    RE: What's the best Gasoline

    What's the best gas?


    Yes, fresh gas. Put whatever you want in it. Go buy something that costs 78 bucks a gallon. You're not going to notice the difference between that and...
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    RE: CA Glue techniques


    For the love of god, put one of those black paper clip thingies on the end of your exacto. No more rolling around or cuts!
  3. RE: Why not transport your fully assembled aircraft to the field?


    Have any of you even been in the back of a truck while it barrels down the road?
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    RE: *** Ultra Sport Brotherhood ***

    So.....My work has exploded with business! Rare thing these days. I'm beyond busy right now and have an omp hybrid on the table right now. It's go na be a long time before it's done, but I have an...
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    RE: ASP 108 gonna be the death of me

    Go over the basics, is everything clean and tight? No airleaks? Next I'd check the tank. Check ALL the plumbing including the fuel lines. Glow plug good? If that don't work I'd clean the carb. If...
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    RE: building board

    I tossed a solid oak door on my workbench and laid a piece of drywall cut to size on top. Very flat, large surface. Now I just gotta build something!
  7. RE: Why has buying a jet in the classified become so much of a PITA??

    I personally try to give everyone the benifit of the doubt....but doc really gave this guy more than a reasonable allotment of time here. I don't care who you are or what accolades you carry, treat...
  8. RE: How do know when its time to rebuild your gaser?

    Interesting thread, thanks!
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    RE: Kerosene from Ground Tanks

    9 dollars a gallon.....really??? Your talking about a 5, 8, or maybe 10 thousand dollar aircraft!
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    RE: RC advertising vs. safety guide lines?

    This should get the monthly award for lamest thread. It's a friggen foamie....
  11. RE: How does NEW Hitec X4 Charger charge A123's?

    That's great, but why not take the extra couple seconds to plug the balance tap in? I'm not familiar with the hitec charger, but many others will detect a false peak should one cell charge faster...
  12. RE: my next step by low wing spacewalker - inquiry

    I've had two of these models, great fliers! The first had an ax.46 in it and it perfect. The second got an ax.55 but was quickly replaced with a .46. The added power isn't all that noticeable. It...
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    RE: Fuel soaked plane, now what?

    What a load....

    Anyway, I'm surprised nobody mention the stuff you get at autozone or napa. I call it speedy-dri. It's the stuff you put on your driveway when your hoopdee is leaking oil. Grind...
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    RE: AMA sanctioned club looks to punish members

    Ten How much $ did you spend on the last plane you put together? How much $ money did you spend yearly on gas to get back and forth to the field? What about the electricity to charge...
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    RE: Hybrid 540 kit cutting time frame

    Sweet! See you on the bro side;)
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    RE: Hybrid 540 kit cutting time frame

    Any news on the 50cc hybrid? I'd like to get two! One for me and one for a friend. Thanks:)
  17. RE: You Can Win First Place at a Warbird Rally With An ARF? Really?

    This argument could go on forever, but one fact will always remain....if you show up to a scale compition with your "Kung foo" arf, put together by the book with all the supplied crap, you are a tool!
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    RE: What Aircraft are you installing your DLE20

    Sbach 65" profile from "the balsa store". Awsome awesome awesome plane!!! The second dle 20 will most likely go in another sbach 65!!!!!! My buddy is slapping one in a Decathalon, should be a blast...
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    RE: Spektrum DX7 Display Issues

    The plane I was flying at the time was a mojo. It went in, hard. Wasn't high up, maybe 20 feet trying to learn torque rolls. She flipped and spun into the ground. I handed the tx off to my spotter, I...
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    RE: STOP with the oil ratio threads, please.

    Please stop starting threads about "stop starting threads about...."
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    RE: Value hobby

    I have placed a couple orders with value hobby, but never for an engine. Service has always been top notch, shipping has always been fast and their products always show up in beautiful shape. I've...
  22. RE: 46 and 60 Extra 260 Freestyle! VIDEO ADDED!!

    Prolly trying to get those fig 8 on vid.....

    Dave, I'd really like hear a report with the .61.
  23. RE: 46 and 60 Extra 260 Freestyle! VIDEO ADDED!!

    Os 55ax=1.75 hp
    Os 61=1.90 hp

    Not a huge difference in power and the recommended prop sizes are about the same sizes. Plus with the .61 you get a bunch of added weight! That motor will fly it,...
  24. RE: 46 and 60 Extra 260 Freestyle! VIDEO ADDED!!


    It is a good looking plane however!
  25. RE: 46 and 60 Extra 260 Freestyle! VIDEO ADDED!!

    That gonna be over 300 disappointed people then. I'd like to see these "one handed knife edge loops, I caught a slight smell of bs...
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